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August 24, 2016

To College Seniors on Your Last “First Day”

Since we live in my college town and my baby brother is beginning his senior year today at my Alma Mater, college is on my mind. I want to take a quick minute and encourage all the Anderson University students who are starting their senior year, bright eyed and maybe a little oblivious to how quickly this year will fly by. Soak up every single moment that you can.

Don’t forget to take your cheesy first day of school pictures with your best friends in front of the archway or Fountain at Thrift- you’ll love to see how you have changed when it comes graduation time and honestly, you can always use another group picture with your best pals!

Go to every campus event or sporting event, even if it sounds lame.

I hate basketball. But during my time at AU, I became a basketball fan because it’s a big deal.

I’m lactose intolerant, but you best believe I went to every ice cream social or event that involved pizza that Student Activities put on. Put yourself out there and drag your friends with you.

I hate snow. But on the off chance that it actually snows in Anderson, go play in it with your roomies, even if it’s only 2 inches. Then watch movies and drink hot chocolate all day.

Be adventurous and don’t take yourself too seriously. Do things that you normally wouldn’t. Go hiking, apple picking, have sleep-overs in your dorm, have karaoke/dance parties, stay out late on the weekend, go to Wendy’s, Wafflehouse, or Cookout at 11:00 at night. Actually go do all 3 within one week, because you can. These are the times you will cherish most years down the road.

Spend the year investing in others and growing closer to the people around you- even when you think you’re “too busy”. Stop and take in the wonderful students and professors on campus around you and don’t for one second take them for granted. These are your people. 

Take advantage of things in your college town- visit downtown on a regular basis, go on walks/runs around that beautiful campus of yours, nap on the front lawn, go to the small town restaurants, and make sure to visit the Original Skins (but be sure not to go after dark).

Bask in the “now”. During my senior year, I remember telling my mom on a weekly basis “don’t rush me” when she referred to that “G” word (graduation) or remotely mentioned anything about May. Have that outlook this year and live in the moment. Don’t rush your life away.

Love deeply and intentionally. Be thankful for the best 4 years at the best university around. Long live Anderson.