The Highlights of Our Summer – The Homebodies went Exploring

This summer was a very busy summer for us. It was filled with a lot of new adventures and experiences. Typically, we tend to be very predictable homebodies that try t stay within the comforts of our apartment as much as possible, but this summer has stretched us outside of that idea.

This summer has been filled with so many great experiences that we are beyond thankful for and we would like to share of a few of them.


Okay, it wasn't technically summer, but it felt like it. Obviously, this was one of the most exciting journeys that we have taken in our short marriage. Getting to go to Honolulu, Waikiki, and surrounding areas with Mitchel's family for a week was one of the most unique, and interesting trips that we’ve ever taken.


It was a week full of hiking beautiful trails and seeing historic sites such as Diamond Head National park and snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. We enjoyed a lot of laying out & taking naps on the busy Waikiki Beach, swimming in clear ocean waters, and taking in a vibrant, colorful culture. When we got back to our apartment after that week, we looked back on the millions of pictures that we took and we can’t wait for all of the (hopeful) vacations that we will take in the future.  

Weddings, weddings, weddings

We are in a stage of life that has included more weddings than we can count during the summer months. It seemed like every weekend during our summer was occupied with a friend's wedding or wedding celebration/shower/bachelor or bachelorette weekend.

Luckily, we get to double dip in the wedding department. We not only get to watch some of our friends make a life-long commitment and vow to each other, but we also get to photograph beautiful wedding moments for some wonderful friends and clients.


College Football Hall of Fame

Both of us are huge football fans. Katie loves college football, while I love football of any kind – College, NFL, Canadian (I watched a couple of those games this summer. Hey, you’ve got to do something to fill the gap). Because we are such avid football fans, Katie suggested that we take a trip to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. We went a few weeks after my birthday, and it was one of the best late-birthday presents ever.

From the moment that we walked into that place, we were blown away at how well the Hall of Fame is presented to football fans. They did an excellent job at creating an interactive, personalized, well-rounded experience. Everything from hands-on exhibits such as "fight-song karaoke" to a virtual reality headset room that allows fans to be on the field as the band plays and football team roams the field. For a couples of homebodies, the trip to Atlanta was well worth it.

First Anniversary

Sure, the other three things were great. But this is by far the best experience of our whole summer, our first anniversary. We did it. We made it through a whole year of marriage without killing each other.

May 16th marked the point of a whole 365 days of waking up next to each other, walking through life together. Every day brings a new adventure. It’s obviously been the most exciting, and sometimes challenging, year of our lives, but definitely the most rewarding.

We can’t wait to see what the next few summers and years bring. Now bring on Fall!!