5 Best Places to Take Engagement Photos in Anderson, South Carolina

So, you’ve recently gotten engaged — CONGRATULATIONS! You’re enjoying the wonderful bliss that you and your finance are floating in. Now, you start planning out your perfect wedding. The dress. The food. The bridal party. Then you start thinking about taking your engagement photos. You want to announce your wedding with beautiful photos that capture the love between you and your soon-to-be spouse, but coming up with a location can be difficult to decide on. This is where we love to help our clients choose what best fits their personalities and style!

Maybe if you’re new to the area, or even if you’ve lived in or around Anderson your whole life, you might be struggling to think of a place that is unique and really captures who you are. To help you out, we have listed a few of our favorite places in Anderson, SC to shoot engagement pictures.

1. Anderson University

Okay, we might be a little biased on this one, but if we take our black and gold glasses off for a second — AU’s campus really is charming and one of a kind! The front lawn offers plenty of shade, beautiful old trees, and open, grassy areas. 

But, the front lawn isn’t your only option on campus. Taking engagement pictures at AU will give you several different options for locations. There are also fountains, white swings, historic brick buildings, and tons of other little nooks with the perfect amount of charm and character for your engagement session. 

We love Anderson University, and we've done a lot of shoot there. Here are some of are other works at Anderson University. 

2. Wren Park/Downtown

Technically, these should be two separate locations because they have so much opportunity! Wren Park is a recent development for the downtown area, with beautiful landscaped areas, a splash pad that makes a perfect backdrop, and trendy architecture. It’s not only nice for family outings, community events, and outdoors movies, but it’s also a great place for photos!


If Wren Park doesn’t spark any interest for you, you’re conveniently in downtown Anderson. Colorful, eccentric buildings, benches, statues, and more are at your disposal for unique images that perfectly tell your love story!


3. ANDERSON'S Farmer’s Market

Sure, you could include this with the “Downtown” section, but it deserves a section of it’s own. The famer’s market looks exactly like you would picture it. Open windows, big red barn doors, and tons of character. The farmer’s market is one of Katie’s favorite places for engagement and senior photos because there are so many opportunities to use this space well.

4. A Field… Any Field

In the words of Katie, “any field with a big shade tree… and tall weeds!” (I think she meant grass). For anyone who lives anywhere near the Anderson area, you know that there are plenty of picture perfect fields at the turn of every corner. Make some friends and ask if you can take pictures in their field or big backyard. You won’t regret it!

5. Linley Park

Speaking of quaint parks… Linley Park is also a great place in Anderson to take advantage of. Linley park is one of the newer additions to the historic district of Anderson. It features an excellent walking path, surrounded by beautiful hydrangea bushes and shrubbery. The cute stone bridge, historic houses in the background, and a clear blue sky are perfect for a memorable engagement session. It's also a plus that this area seems to be less crowded and more intimate than some other parks. 

These are only a few of our favorite places in Anderson. We love our hometown, and we love taking pictures here. 

If you like some of the places above or if we missed your favorite place, let us know!