5 Ways to use Portrait Session Photos

After you've had professional portraits taken by a photographer, you may have these thoughts... they are beautiful! They're everything that you wanted, but now what do you do with them? Sure, they are nice, but how are you supposed to show them off other than posting them to Facebook?

Christmas Cards

Don’t you want to share your beautiful pictures with all of your family and loved ones? One of the easiest ways to share your pictures with everyone is by printing Christmas cards and sending them to everyone within a twenty-mile radius of your home (or to those cousins you only see at Thanksgiving). Websites like Shutterfly.com make it super simple. They have free and easy to use templates (or have an excellent graphic designer who would love to incorporate the photos she provides you into a Christmas card design). Printing them is more affordable than you think.

Frame Them/Canvas Prints

Let’s go with a traditional idea – print those pictures out and frame them! Go to Hobby Lobby (or a local thrift store), buy a beautiful frame, and display your portraits in your lovely home. You can put them on your wall, on your mantel, on your desk, or on your coffee table. Give them to your mom, your grandmother, or your friends. 


Now for a less traditional use for your portraits, turn them into coasters for your drinks! What better way to use those portraits that turning them into a landing space for a nice glass of sweet tea.

Turning photographs into coasters is actually much easier than it sounds, all you need is a short trip to Lowe’s, some mod-podge, and an hour of time.

Christmas Ornaments

To continue on the Pinterest trend, here is another fun Pinterest craft idea to use those photos from your portrait session. Christmas is about family, friends, and the loved ones around you. What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than by making ornaments? Once again, reference the wonderful world of Pinterest for instructions.

Use them in a Book OR CALENDAR

The last one is by far our favorite. We have made keepsake books from our wedding photos and engagement photos. Once again, Shutterfly is great for these. All you have to do is upload the pictures and drag and drop them into the pages. This one is going to take you a little more work and time, but the finished product is well-worth your time. They make excellent coffee table books that EVERYONE is going to want to look at. 

Each year, we make Katie's mom and Granny a calendar for the upcoming year, full of family photos from the past year. We use professional portraits that we have had taken of us, and ones that we have taken of family members to fill up the calendar with sweet faces and memories. These are always a hit!