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November 29, 2018

New Gear & What That Means For Our Clients

Over the past year and a half, we have been blessed with the opportunity to expand our photography gear. We have been able to pay cash for refurbished or new camera bodies and lenses that have drastically enhanced our work! I get questions pretty often about what gear we use, so here a few of our most used items and a description of how we use them.

Two Canon 5d, mark iii bodies– WHAT. A. WORKHORSE. The clarity, low light capabilities, and color are unmatched for the 5d mark iii. Except maybe the new mark iv. This makes it perfect for wedding days with dark getting-ready rooms and dark receptions.

 Photo by Sara Touchet Photography

Photo by Sara Touchet Photography

50 mm f/1.8 – When beginner/hobbiest photographers ask me what should be the first lens they invest in, I always mention the 50 mm 1.8. It’s super affordable and easy to learn and it was my first prime lens. It has a much low aperture than a standard kit lens that most people start out with, so it’s actually a big step up. We will likely upgrade to the 50 mm 1.4, but the 1.8 has really done the job for us in the past, so we aren’t in a huge hurry!

70-200 mm f/2.8 IS II – For the ceremony, mostly Mitchel uses this lens. It is pretty heavy (hello carpal-tunnel), but it allows great, close-ups throughout the day from far away, we also love to use this for receptions for “sniping” because we can get candid shots without being in the way of raw emotion happening. It’s also great for portraits! So, while I love this lens, it pretty much stays on Mitchel’s camera body all wedding day (unless I run up and say, “switch lenses with me so I can play”, which usually happens at the reception). We love it so much, we are considering adding another to our arsenal so we don’t have to fight over it.

24-70 mm f/2.8L II – Ya’ll. I could shoot an entire wedding day with this. I won’t, because that’s lazy/easy and doesn’t make me use a whole lot of creativity, but IT IS SO VERSATILE. It’s great for small getting ready rooms and ceremonies, too. I also use it for portraits.

100 mm f/2.8L macro IS – Oh that creamy, creamy bokeh! That beautiful blurred background, with tack-sharp focus comes from this lens. It’s my go to for detail shots at the beginning of the wedding day, for rings, invitations, shoes, bowtie, boutineers, you name it! I enjoy this lens so much, that I’ve begun using it some for portraits, too. It’s not a super fast lens, so I don’t use it when there is a lot of motion involved, like the processional/recessional, or crazy fun dancing at the reception.

Have a question about any of the equipment I mentioned or want to know about booking? Feel free to comment or shoot us a message on the contact form!

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