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October 23, 2018

Marriage Monday: Teamwork

Marriage is all about serving each other, we’ve said it time and time again. It’s a constant learning process for us in marriage to think of our spouse and his/her needs more than our own. Sometimes Mitchel serves me, and other times, I serve him. Marriage is also about teamwork and partnering together. Nothing makes these two things in marriage, serving and teamwork, more necessary than bringing a baby into the world!

Over the past week and two days, I’ve gotten to see my sister and her husband work together and serve each other and baby Charlotte. Through feedings, diaper changes, more feedings, and more diaper changes, with an hour of sleep here and there in between. I’ve seen Eric serve Kristy. From Charlotte’s birth, rubbing Kristy’s head when that’s all he could do to comfort her, to today, going upstairs (again) to get that one other thing, a burp cloth in this case, to changing yet another dirty diaper.

I am so proud of Kristy and Eric and have only seen a glimpse of how they’ve worked together and served one another over the past several days and I’m already impressed!

I’ll be sharing some more of their in-home newborn session soon!

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