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October 9, 2018

Marriage Monday: From the OTHER Side of the Camera

 Photos by Gladyxa Mari Photography

Photos by Gladyxa Mari Photography

This post is titled “From the Other Side of the Camera”, but it could also be called “Why you should regularly have portraits taken”. And by “regularly’, I mean yearly if you can swing it!

When we were in Charleston last weekend for Casey and Mark’s downtown Charleston wedding, we took our own advice and had professional portraits done of ourselves! It has been about a year and a half since we had portraits done by our friend Sam, and before that, about a year and a half since our wedding photos. I think that having photos done of you and your spouse regularly is actually super fun and intimate. You have about an hour or so of time to snuggle, nuzzle, kiss, and twirl. And believe me, it’s actually really fun! Plus, who doesn’t love to get dressed up? I figured what better place than Charleston to have some updated shots of the two of us?!

I searched for a Charleston photographer and ended up loving Gladyxa Mari’s work (and her name!). She spent a solid few minutes saying her name for us and I’ve been saying it in my head ever since- (I think it’s Glad-ee-sa).

Enjoy some of the photos she captured for us! You’d never even know it was starting to rain! We even ran into a sweet couple that had just gotten engaged a few hours before and Gladyxa was sweet enough to take a photo of them while we were there. Such a fun time!

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