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November 27, 2018

Marriage Monday: Asking hard questions

 Image from the  Goldsmith  wedding

Image from the Goldsmith wedding

Something that we do regularly when getting to know our clients and couples is asking questions! It’s a really great way to get to know someone and it has spilled over into other areas of our life, instead of just with clients. Pretty much anytime we meet people, we ask questions! It’s the best way to show someone that you care about them, while also getting them talking about themselves.

We love getting to know more about people this way, but to be completely transparent, we are not so great about doing this with each other in our marriage. It’s really easy to forget to continue getting to know your spouse. We are human, our likes and dislikes change regularly. So do our feelings.

We are committed to asking each other hard questions. Some questions that we are using to check in with each other more frequently with questions like:

  • How are you doing spiritually?

  • What is something you’re learning about God or yourself?

  • How can I serve you better?

Mitchel has been texting me each day around lunchtime to ask

  • How is your day/work going?

  • Are there any frustrations or struggles you’re facing today?

This may seem insignificant, but for people like the two of us who could focus solely on facts rather than feelings (me!), or being silly rather than serious (Mitchel), it’s really necessary for us or we would never have difficult conversations.

We encourage you and your spouse to come up with some questions for each other to ask regularly and find a time to do it each day/week. They don’t all have to be super serious. Even something as simple as

“what is something we haven’t done yet that you’d really like?” or

“what do you think is my greatest strength/weakness?”

We hope this is helpful to get you thinking about ways to love, encourage, and get to know your spouse! We are right in the middle of it with you trying to do the exact same thing!

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