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December 11, 2018

Our Favorite Christmas-season Traditions

This will be our 4th married Christmas together! In just a few short years of creating our own little traditions, we have found some favorites. Some of them are seemingly small, but are things we look forward to and want to continue when we have kids one day.

1. Decorating our home the day after Thanksgiving

Growing up, my family usually decorated within the first few days after Thanksgiving or if we had a live tree, around December 1. I have enjoyed keeping that same tradition. Honestly just because if we are going through the effort to put it all up, I’d like to enjoy it for as long as possible. The past few years, we have gotten home from Thanksgiving festivities and then decorated while watching some random football game on tv.

2. Going downtown to look at the Christmas Decor

If you haven’t been to downtown Anderson at night during the Christmas season, you’re missing out. It looks like a fairytale. Or at least a really cheesy Hallmark movie town. SO. MANY. LIGHTS line the trees along the streets and there is a huge Christmas tree in front of the courthouse. Twice, so far, on nights where we feel like getting out to see Christmas lights, we will drive downtown and then walk around just to see the lights. (Can you say old souls?!) I’m sensing a theme…Mitchel likes to pick really cold, rainy nights for this tradition…

3. Reading “Sad Santa” when taking Christmas decor down

As much as I like putting up the Christmas decor, I’m usually ready for it to come down about 2-3 days after Christmas. With taking down the decor comes a wee bit of sadness that such a fun holiday is over, but I’m also really ready to get rid of what feels like clutter. Mitchel is one who would leave Christmas decor up well into January, but I do love some white space in our lives. A little room to breathe. A few years ago, I came across a children’s book by an illustrator that I follow on social media, Tad Carpenter. I saw the title and was immediately interested: Sad Santa. I’m already a sucker for beautifully illustrated books, and I also have always been a fan of children’s books. If you (or your kids) get a little sad when Christmas is over, buy this cute book and read it after Christmas! It’s so cute!

So if you’re looking to make memories and new traditions, you probably don’t have to look too far to create some! What are your favorite traditions? We would love to read about them in the comments!

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