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June 12, 2018

Marriage Monday: Two is Better Than One

We have been shooting weddings consistently for about two years now. We’ve learned a lot through the years. We’ve made some mistakes, but we have learned so much from them.

We photographed our third wedding of 2018 in May. Aside from having so much fun at the most recent ones we photographed, we learned even more lessons.

We always shoot weddings together. Our client gets two photographers. There are a lot of people out there who will shoot a wedding solo, and that’s great for them, but it’s something we will almost never do, unless its a tiny wedding or an elopement.

Why do we only shoot weddings together? I would like to say it’s because we love spending time with each (we do), but it’s more than that.

As you have seen by some of the photos we have shared, we were extremely blessed to shoot Brent and Ali’s wedding in Columbia a few weeks ago. The venue was stunning, the bride and groom were beautiful, the weather was perfect! No two weddings are the same. You always have to adapt and change your strategy. This wedding reminded us of why we ALWAYS have two photographers.

You never know what’s going to go wrong or what might change while you’re shooting. You can’t control everything, it’s a live ceremony.

Brent and Ali’s wedding was the perfect example. We set them up for their first look, and we loved everything about the spot. We put Brent in the middle of the road (on a median, of course), with the statehouse in the distance and with the perfect lighting, and then we had Ali come up behind him and call his name so that he could turn around and see his bride. It was perfect and such a tender moment.

Why does it matter that we had two photographers?

 Katie's point of view for the First Look

Katie’s point of view for the First Look

 Mitchel's point of view for the first look

Mitchel’s point of view for the first look

You can see by these pictures, we got two TOTALLY different views. Both of them are awesome, but there is no way one person can get all of the angles we want to deliver to our couples. Katie was able to get really great shots of Brent’s reaction and emotion throughout the first look, but could only see the back of Ali. Mitchel’s angle allowed for both of their faces at a side angle.

There are been countless times when we were going through our pictures, and it doesn’t even look like the same setting. Our viewpoint and the way we tell a story are so uniquely different. They compliment each other. 

Katie is an extremely talented photographer, but she’s only one person. While it might seem like she’s flying around constantly snapping pictures, she does have her limitations, and that’s why we always require having two photographers for weddings.

Plus, we kinda like working with each other. It’s the icing on the cake.

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