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August 28, 2018

Marriage Monday: Spice it Up With Spontaneity

As you probably know if you’ve been following along for a while, we typically aren’t spontaneous people. We like our routines and structure, and don’t venture out of them too much.

Last weekend, we did something pretty spontaneous (for us). We decided to go on an adventure. For Mitchel’s birthday, we had discussed going to Top Golf. It’s basically a driving range, but with some fun games and TVs. We decided since we didn’t get to go for his birthday we would go last Friday. Both of us got off early from work, we loaded up some snacks in the car (can’t leave home without snacks), and we drove to Charlotte for the long awaited Top Golf.

We took the roughly two hour ride to the driving range. It has several levels and giant nets on the side. You have TVs in your “bay” and you can have food delivered to you. You pay for an hour and hit as many balls as possible.

You can aim at different targets on the range and play about 7 different games. Neither of us are huge golfers (Mitchel more so than Katie), but we enjoy going to the range. Both of us aren’t great, in fact, we’re awful, but we had so much fun! It’s awesome trying new things together.

On the way there, I reminded Katie there was a Carolina Panthers preseason game, which means there was going to be a lot of traffic. We grumbled about it, but there wasn’t anything we could do.

We went to Top Golf, Katie whacked at some golf balls for the second time in her life, and we had an amazing time (and Katie left with a sore shoulder).

In the middle of swinging some clubs, I asked Katie, “How much are the tickets to the preseason game?” and this was the start to one of the more spontaneous things we’ve done. We rarely drive further than Greenville (unless it’s to go to Columbia for family) for entertainment unless it’s been planned out ahead of time.  

We were only 20 minutes away from the Bank of America stadium and I’ve always wanted to go see a game there. Sure, it was pre-season, but it’s better than nothing.

We paid $29 a ticket and we couldn’t have been in a higher seat. ALLLLLL the way to the top of the stadium. The seats were great, we had a beautiful view of Charlotte and we watched some professional football. It was one of the most adventurous and fun weekends we’ve had in a long time.

So, we recommend being spontaneous and packing up and going somewhere you’ve been wanting to go. Spontaneity can be good for you and your marriage/relationship! Try it out!

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