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February 12, 2019

Marriage Monday: Making Room For Quality Time (5 Tips)

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When you are first married, leaving room for quality time usually isn’t an issue. Newlyweds typically want to spend tons of time together, hanging out and experiencing their new life together.

For us, after the newlywed life wasn’t so new anymore and the hecticness of life kicked in, that changed a little. We began to get more involved in our community , at our church, our jobs, then me going full time (weird hours/shoots), and other commitments. And quality time was harder to find!

  1. Look at your calendar

    Look at your calendar on a weekly basis. Don’t fill it completely full ahead of time to the max. Try to leave room for a weeknight together at home. Even if you have to put your quality time on the calendar, make sure you block out some time. Sure, putting a date on your Google Calendar isn’t romantic, but whatever works!

  2. Mornings/Evenings together

    Something we have been pretty good at accomplishing is spending our mornings and some evenings together. Getting ready for work in the morning and chatting to catch up and talk about our day ahead. And in the evenings, we cook dinner together when we can and try to eat at the dinner table together. If we don’t have dinner together, then we try to at least spend a few minutes together before bed catching up and telling each other about our day.

  3. Eat at dinner table

    I mentioned eating dinner together above. Something we changed about a year ago was being really intentional about eating dinner at the table, instead of sitting on the couch. You can read more about that here. Why are we so serious about eating at the dinner table? How many great conversations can you have with New Girl playing in the background?

  4. Make the Most of Your Time

    There are a lot of times during your day which you can turn into quality time. When you’re in the car running errands or headed to a friends house, turn off the radio and have some conversations. Catch your spouse up on your day. Tell them your frustrations. You’re already in the car, why not make the most of that time.

  5. Be Creative

    When most couples think of “quality time,” they automatically think of going to dinner. This isn’t the only way (or the best way). You don’t have have to go out somewhere for quality time. Instead, go for a walk, cook together, sit in the park and feed ducks. As long as you’re spending time together, it’s quality.

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