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March 11, 2019

Marriage Monday: Italy Style

A few months ago when we found out Mitchel’s dad was going to be in Italy again for work, I knew then, I really wanted to go! I wasn’t sure if it would work out because we weren’t sure how long Charlie would be in Italy. And, Mitchel came to Italy about 12 years ago when his dad was working here then, too, so I wasn’t sure if he’d want to go again instead of picking a new place to travel to.

So far, we have been to a few towns and done lots of exploring, walking, and picture taking! And eating! It’s been my goal to eat gelato once a day, at least!

We are staying in Pisa and have been to Cinque Terre, Luca, and Florence as well. We plan to go to Venice and then Rome for a few days!

This trip has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. And when I took Art history classes in college and learned about all of the wonderful art here, I fell even more in love. I didn’t get to go to Italy with the group my senior year of college because I wasn’t able to take the class that semester that was required in order to go to Italy. So I kind of just assumed I’d never go, or maybe when we were older/retired.

I’m considering sharing a blog post of each city we have been to, or maybe a post of a few cities at a time. Not sure yet! Here are a few iPhone photos so far because I forgot my card reader at home and can’t share photos from my camera yet! But be on the lookout for those when we are home!

  1. Glenda Baldwin says:

    Wow what a great opportunity ! Thanks for sharing the pics !!!!

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