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April 29, 2020

3 Quarantine Approved Dates

Photos of us at a drive-in movie with takeout, running into friends on our walks downtown, planting flowers, and taking photos!

Quarantine Approved Date Ideas

We know being stuck inside isn’t always fun, but you can get creative! Continue dating your fiancé or spouse even in the midst of being quarantined.

If you’re anything like us, you are probably running out of things to do. If you’re married, engaged, or even dating – you might be going a little stir crazy together. Both of us have enjoyed spending more time at home together, but with most things being closed down, it doesn’t give us a lot of opportunities to go out on the town for a date. 

One thing we’ve been talking about is having to be creative when it comes to relationships. For most people (like us), we usually default to going out to eat at a nice restaurant (Sullivan’s in Downtown Anderson is our fave) and maybe get ice cream (At Fig’s downtown!). For us, that’s a lot of fun and we enjoy doing it. But what do we do when neither of those are available? 

1. Drive-In Movie 

This is something we had on our to-do list for a long time – and this quarantine was the perfect time to do it. 

With movie theaters still being closed, we took a trip to the drive-in movie theater in Greenwood a few weeks ago, and it was worth the hour drive to get there! It was so fun to bring some pillows, blankets, snacks, and sit in the back of our SUV. We saw Trolls 2 and LOVED it!

Here are some of our drive-in tips:

  • Bring great snacks – the drive-in will have snacks for sale, but you can always buy a snack pass for $20 and bring as many snacks as you want! We brought chips and hummus, veggies, goldfish, and fruit snacks!
  • Bring a folding chair, just in case you get tired of sitting in the back of the car or you can’t see well.
  • Bring a portable radio if you have one! They broadcast audio through the radio – you can rent one, but if you have one laying around, it saves you some money and you don’t have to leave your car running to use the radio.

What’s really cool about the drive-in we went to in Greenwood was that it does a double feature on each screen (there are three screens). You can go park your car, get comfortable and then sit around and watch two movies. It is such a fun time, and you don’t have to be within 6 feet of anyone other than your date. 

2. Boardgames on the Porch

We love sitting on our porch, but we hadn’t been doing it as much before the quarantine. Now that we’re spending so much time inside, we have been using our porch more and more just as an excuse to see the sunshine, and our neighbors more.

Having bad allergies, like us, makes sitting on the porch an adventure, but it’s so worth it. We like to take a book to read or listen to music in our rocking chairs on the porch. 

To make things even more fun, we’ve decided that playing board games would be even better on the porch (or you could put a blanket in the front yard). Playing a board game or card game on the porch is so much better than playing one in your living room. 

3. A Walk and a Picnic 

If you’re anything like us, you’re stuck inside – A LOT. We have started going a little stir crazy and we are taking a lot more walks around our neighborhood or at walking tracks around town than we used to. 

We see a lot of people in our neighborhood and it’s so much fun. Why not make a little date out of your walk?

Go for a walk and pick a place to have a picnic, even if that’s in your backyard. If you’re looking for a way to support a local business (or you just don’t want to make your own food), you can always order take out and bring the food to your picnic. 

You probably get the gist, be creative! Continue to date your fiancé or spouse through these crazy times! Don’t let the excuse of not being able to go places make your relationship get boring. We are all having to get out of our comfort zone a little more than we ever have before. And you can make it fun!

A few more photos of fun things we have done!

Working together, taking walks downtown, going to drive-in movies with takeout, having outdoor picnics, and running into friends on our walks

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