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April 29, 2019

Marriage Monday: 3 Words to Describe Your Spouse

Mitchel is a words guy (I am NOT a words girl). I shut down in a disagreement/argument, he just wants to talk it over. He is a great listener, while I am not so much. You see, we couldn’t possibly be more different with our communication styles. (He is and always will be a comm major at heart.)
Communication has been the biggest area of growth for me in marriage, and I still have such a long way to go. We both do. Mitchel constantly challenges me and pushes me to work on it and to make myself think through things rather than just defaulting to shutting down.
Mitchel is intrigued by words. He was recently telling me that in order to get to know his coworkers more, he asked what 3 words they would use to describe themselves. I was kind of floored. To me, that is so thoughtful and caring to ask someone a question like that! What a great exercise to show the people around you that you are paying attention to them!
So he told me we should do it! Here are the words I would use to describe him and why:
  • Kind – (& also selfless) he thinks about others needs & emotions above his own. He always had other people top of mind.
  • Jovial– he has a zeal about him. Again, in thinking of others, he wants to bring as much happiness as possible to any situation.
  • Curious– he’s so curious about all. the. things. He’s a learner and a doer. He loves figuring out new things and will try anything at least once.

These are the words he chose for me:

  • Determined/focused– he said there are a handful of things I reallyyyyy care about, and I’m hyper focused on those things.
  • Firey– in both good and bad ways. Ha! Firey and passionate about the people/things I love, and also, my temper…
  • Just– I seek what’s right and fair in everything. He described it as a driving force of sorts. (Hey, enneagram 1’s, I know you get me)

If you’ve made it this far in this marriage Monday post, we encourage you to do this little exercise with your own spouse and see what you come up with! We thought we chose words that were pretty spot on. But if you disagree, talk about why with your spouse! Anytime you have a chance to know your spouse more intimately, we say go for it!

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