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June 11, 2019

Marriage Monday: The Story of Us, Part 2 | Our Proposal Story

Mitchel and I have been together for 8 and a half years. That is CRAZY to me. We started dating in October 2010, as freshmen in college. Our relationship was just plain fun. We did fun things on campus together and I thought he was hilarious. Random trips to Krispy Kreme in Greenville at 9pm with his roommate, Cookout runs while studying, Skating rink adventures, and lots of trips to Liberty on Sundays and Wednesdays for church. We just enjoyed being together.

Our sophomore year, we hit a rough patch and weren’t sure we’d end up together. We broke up for 2 weeks and didn’t talk at all. To make a long story short, I was really selfish and didn’t know what I wanted, so I pushed him away. He graciously took me back after lots of talking and praying through it.

We dated all throughout our four years in school, with Summer’s apart while I was in Columbia. He drove to Columbia regularly during the Summers to see me and even got to know my family and high school friends well. 

We spent our time throughout college doing ALOT of school work. Well, at least, I did. I was always doing design work or art projects at his apartment, or spending long hours in the design studio. On our first anniversary, he came to the studio late one night (it must have been 12am or later) to tell me happy anniversary and to bring me a black sparkly pair of TOM’s that I had been DYING to have. It was simple things like that. Those little gestures are what made me fall for him. I am a gifts and acts of service girl through and through, and he was great at showing me that he cared for me. 

Fast forward to senior year. We both knew that we wanted to get married, but hadn’t really talked about when. All I had mentioned was that I didn’t want to be engaged and planning a wedding in college. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle that stress and still do well in school. 

Senior year was a sweet one. I LOVED living with my suitemates and they loved Mitchel, too. I feel like we grew up a lot that year. We were intentional (both my girls, and me & M) about making the most of our last year, so I think that’s why it was so sweet and fun. 

About the time Spring/graduation comes around at AU, there are typically lots of engagements. I was sure that it would be another year or so before we would be engaged, so I didn’t expect anything! 

There was so much excitement and emotion centered around graduation in the days leading up to it. My suite mates and I were so excited to spend the night together one last time in our dorm together. My best friends who went to Winthrop had texted me 2 days before graduation and asked if they could come into town early and spend the night with me. I was like, “heck yes! ALL my friends in one place?! Absolutely!”

The day before graduation, we had grad practice and then all my friends had a picnic on the front lawn for the last time. It was the sweetest. I had to run-off quickly because I had a job interview. Talk about a hectic/emotional day!

My parents and brother had just gotten into town after my interview and we went to get ice cream. I called Mitchel on the way to ask if he wanted to meet us there so I could tell him about the interview, and he said “no, I think I’ll let you spend time with your family”….WHAT?! That was not like him at all. I was so sad that he didn’t want to come celebrate with me, but figured he was just busy or something. 

That evening, we were with our families and friends, preparing for the baccalaureate service. We walked into the service and his family was sitting on one side of the auditorium and mine was on the other. He went to go sit with his family and I went to go sit with mine. All of my friends were near my family so again, I was so sad that he wasn’t with me. I felt like he had been avoiding me all day.

After the baccalaureate service we went to take photos at the archway. Mitchel had suggested this a few days prior and I loved the idea. My suitemates and I were always getting group pictures and frequently had Mitchel do photoshoots for us (talk about extra. Am I right?! Lol). So it wasn’t weird at all that he suggested that we all go take photos together one last time.

When we got to the archway, all my college friends, Mitchel’s friends, my family, Mitchel’s family, and my Lugoff friends were all there! I thought, “how perfect! We will get all the grad pics done before graduation with the crazy crowds!” 

We took some of the girls, some with just family, and then Mitchel said “I want a photo with just you”. So, of course, I walked to the archway and got ready for a picture with him. I was smiling at the camera and he started talking to me. “You know our whole relationship has revolved around this campus, right?” To which I responded, “Yes, of course, now take the picture.”  He kept going, “You know I love you, right?” I aggravatedly said “Of course, I love you too!” (Looking toward the camera)

Next thing I knew, he was on one knee. I don’t even remember what he said, I was in complete shock! This was the LAST thing I expected. He proposed to me with his grandma’s ring and it was exactly what I envisioned. I had no idea she was even planning to give him the ring, but a few weeks before, one of the only times we had talked about getting engaged, I mentioned “gold solitaire”. I like simple and classic. I had NO IDEA that 1. He had a gold solitaire from his grandma, and 2. That he was planning to propose soon!

Of course, it was all captured on camera, even my expression of pure shock mixed with my half-pose that was ready for the graduation photo at the archway. 


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