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April 6, 2020

Wedding Album Offer | Until April 30

I know this month has been tough on everyone. But more than anything this crisis has clarified what is most important in life. It’s not the things we work so hard to accumulate or our social status or accomplishment – it’s the people we love most. It’s human connection.

So that got me thinking – what better time than now to celebrate the love and relive some of your favorite moments of all time? 

If you have been around our blog, you KNOW we LOVE wedding albums! We love printed photos, in general, really. Why would you let your beautiful images sit around on an online gallery, or a flash drive that you’ll never see??

We LOVE when couples hang their photos in their home and when they have their wedding album stored in plain sight on their coffee table!

Wedding albums serve as your very first family heirloom! How cool! What a special thing to have to show your family, future children, and maybe even grandchildren one day!

This month only (I likely will never make an offer like this again!!) I am offering a deep discount on albums! My hope is that this will allow many of my past clients who were not able to purchase an album for various reasons to finally get one in their homes and experience the joy and connection it can bring. 

Many of our couples purchase a wedding package that includes a wedding day album! Some of our couples also like to purchase smaller parent albums for their parents, either for Christmas or just as a thank-you gift for pouring so much time and money into their wedding.

Some people later realize that they wish they would have purchased a wedding album. We DO offer wedding albums to be purchased anytime! So if you have been married for 3 years or 3 months, you can come back to us and place an order!

Why Albums?

More than any other product, I want all of my clients to walk away with a custom album. An album tells the story of your day in a way that no other product can. And it lives on to tell that story to your children and grandchildren.

When you face trials in your marriage, like grandma always said, “it’s not IF you will face trials, but WHEN,” I challenge you to sit side by side on the sofa and look through your wedding album together. I don’t know any couple who could do this and not be reminded of their love and the fact that they can make it through anything…as long as they have one another.

These albums are SO beautiful and such high quality. Each album is custom designed and printed on the finest photographic paper. Lay-flat pages with a protective coating allow the story of your wedding day to shine through while helping the album stand the test of time. Only the best for my clients!

The cover includes your choice of either an inset photo or your names and wedding date in modern lettering. 

Nothing would make me happier during this crazy, uncertain time than to get one of these beauties into the hands of each an every one of my clients! 

The Deal!

So this month only I am offering 40% off my custom designed heirloom albums! To get the process started and lock in this special rate,  email me, or comment on this post that you’d like me to email you!

What better time to relive your wedding day and all the people it brought together than now? I would love to help bring a smile to your face and help you celebrate what truly matters.

During this time of social distancing, while you actually may have more time to think about ordering and choosing images for your wedding album to FINALLY get it printed, we are offering a HUGE savings on wedding albums for our past and future couples! All albums ordered between April 6-April 30, 2020 will be over 40% off!

A normal 10×10 inch album with 30 pages and a hand-stitched fine linen cover normally costs $800. You’re going to get it for $450!


We are also able to set up an invoice with payments so multiple people can contribute to this as a “registry item” if you choose!We hope you finally get that album you’ve been dreaming of!

No matter if you have already had your wedding and want to order an album, or if your wedding date has already been booked with us but you didn’t order an album, you are eligible!

Just shoot us an email (katiebjaynes@gmail.com) and we will get you set up and a proof to you within a week so that your order can begin being worked on by our album company.


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