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August 18, 2017

Our Little Apartment

When we got married, we were set on starting out our marriage in a smart way so that we could experience financial freedom. That meant seeking out the least expensive living space so that we could put any and all money not used on rent, food, and staying alive toward my student loan debt.

Enter our “vintage” (our way of saying old), 2 bedroom apartment.

When we first looked at the apartment, we thankfully had friends who lived here, so we saw all the potential it had. All of the apartments in the complex are identical in their layout. The only differences between them are if the appliances are old or VERY old. Some apartments have painted wood paneling and others have sheet rock. When you first walk in your first thoughts are, “This looks…old,” but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t grow to love it. When you first walk in, you notice some patterned carpet that is meant for an outdoor porch type setting, and a tiny kitchen with a window to pass food through. Continue down the hall and you find yourself in either the bathroom (with washer and dryer), or in one of the bedrooms. Both of the bedrooms are the same, except for one has a bigger closet. 

If you’ve never seen our apartment, and few of you have, you probably don’t know about some of it’s quirks. One of the most notable ones was the water heater that squealed like a wild banshee every time that you flushed a toilet or tried to run more than one sink at a time. That was always a fun little quirk when you went to the bathroom at three in the morning. The washing machine, stove, and A/C unit, all quit working on us at some point during the past 2 years, some, more than once. Now, the management here are EXCELLENT at fixing or replacing anything very quickly, but there are several nights in which we had box fans strategically placed in the bed room to make it less sauna-like. (We know we will miss just calling Diane for a fix and her sending Earnest right over- in our new house, we will be wishing we could call on them)

When we moved in, we knew it wasn’t the most glamorous place we could live, but we made it our own.

We hung up several pictures (some that Katie took and Mitchel had to drill several holes for), we added a rug or two, and we started to make this 1,000 square foot apartment into our first “home.” Toss in a few accent pillows, hang some curtains, and this place was our little cozy oasis. 

It’s been 27 months since we got married and moved in. Honestly, we thought our days here would have come to an end sooner, but we have have been saving and waiting to find where we are supposed to be. Twenty-seven months is all we will get with this sweet little abode we have come to love so much. Today is the day that we close on our first “house”. It isn’t our first home, our little apartment will always hold a special place in our hearts and be our first “home”. As we finish packing all of our belongings in boxes, it’s hard not to reflect on the past 2 years and 3 months here. It’s where we started our marriage and watched it grow.

We are very sentimental about our apartment and couldn’t imagine starting out anywhere else. There have been fights, times where we belly laugh until we cry, lots of Netflix marathons, 2 years of building a business in this little apartment, and so much more. We have opened our little home to people here and there. There has been learning. SO much learning. About each other, about life, and how to grow closer to Jesus.

We will miss you North Gate. We hope the next people will love C8 as much as we did! 

  1. Sandy Slaughter

    August 18th, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Congratulations on your new home!!! I’ve got a "vintage" piece Steve and I did you are welcome to if you need additional furniture. Its an old stereo cabinet we repurposed for storage. Actually, same colors as the table he made for you. Just let me know. Love you two!!

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