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October 14, 2020

6 Best Places to Take Engagement Photos in Anderson, South Carolina

So, you’ve recently gotten engaged — CONGRATULATIONS! You’re enjoying the wonderful bliss that you and your finance are floating in. Now, you start planning out your perfect wedding. The dress. The food. The bridal party. Then you start thinking about taking your engagement photos.

You want to announce your wedding with beautiful photos that capture the love between you and your soon-to-be spouse, but coming up with a location can be difficult to decide on. This is where we love to help our clients choose what best fits their personalities and style!

Maybe if you’re new to the area, or even if you’ve lived in or around Anderson your whole life, you might be struggling to think of a place that is unique and really captures who you are. To help you out, we have listed a few of our favorite places in Anderson, SC to shoot engagement pictures.

When we work with our couples, we always tell them just how important engagement sessions are (which is why we include them in ALL of our wedding packages). If you want to talk about booking an engagement session or you’re looking for the PERFECT wedding photographer, head to our weddings page.

1. Anderson University

Okay, we might be a little bias on this one, but if we take our black and gold glasses off for a second — AU’s campus really is charming and one of a kind! The front lawn offers plenty of shade, beautiful old trees, and open, grassy areas.

But, the front lawn isn’t your only option on campus. Taking engagement pictures at AU will give you several different options for locations. There are also fountains, white swings, historic brick buildings, and tons of other little nooks with the perfect amount of charm and character for your engagement session.

We love Anderson University, and we’ve done a lot of shoots there. For the longest time, it was always our go-to spot because of how many different backdrops and styles you can get while just walking around campus.

In fact, we’ve done engagement sessions on campus, family sessions, and even bridal sessions. If you name it, we’ve photographed it at Anderson University.

2. Downtown Anderson’s Wren Park & Surrounding Areas

Technically, these should be two separate locations because they have so many opportunities! Wren Park is a recent development within the last several years for the downtown area, with beautifully landscaped areas, a splash pad that makes a perfect backdrop, and trendy architecture. It’s not only nice for family outings, community events, and outdoor movies, but it’s also a great place for photos!

engagement session in downtown Anderson park

Wren Park is such a cool place because of how it’s laid out. It has the tiered structure of ad old amphitheater, which makes it perfect for Shakespeare plays as well as weddings. Because of the grass and the stone, it creates an excellent backdrop. Plus, it’s right next to a covered section inc case of rain.

In addition to Wren Park, there are so many rustic buildings (that aren’t falling apart), that give plenty of color and texture to your engagement pictures. There is a lot of history in downtown Anderson, and it shows with the building. They can be the perfect spot to help your outfits POP.

3. Downtown Anderson’s Main Street

All of the beauty along Downtown Anderson’s Main Street is breathtaking! From different colored brick buildings, to the perfect landscaping, to quaint little shops and really neat entryway doors. Main Street is the perfect place for engagement photos!

engagements pictures of a man and woman standing in front of a green garage door in anderson sc

The location in this photo is actually around the side of the Bleckley Station. It’s an old, brick building with the most beautiful colored green that makes the brick pop! A really nice plus is that this area is usually shaded, too. So it allow us to shoot from lots of different angles in the same spot, while giving tons of variety to our clients! Downtown Anderson, along Main Street, has tons of hidden secrets just like this one!

4. Downtown Anderson’s Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market has a ton of variety for portraits, too! It big open-air space with windows, big red barn doors, and tons of character. The farmer’s market is one of my favorite places to stop by for photos if I am shooting in downtown Anderson because there are so many opportunities to use this space well.

Much like Wren Park, there are plenty of places to use around the Farmer’s Market that are shaded, or easy to access quickly. So it makes for the perfect addition to your Downtown Anderson photo session. Just a few feet away from the Farmer’s Market is a mural, a downtown setting, and a rustic feel you can’t get anywhere else.

5. Private Land: A Field or Pond

In the words of Katie, “any field with a big shade tree… and tall weeds!” (I think she meant grass). For anyone who lives anywhere near the Anderson area, you know that there are plenty of picture-perfect fields at the turn of every corner. Make some friends and ask if you can take pictures in their field or big backyard. If you’re from the area, don’t be again to get creative and ask your resources!

Does you mom’s coworker have tons of land that is really nice? Does someone from your church have a really nicely manicured yard and a beautiful house? Don’t be afraid to ask!


Now, this is one where you have to get creative. There have been so many times when we will be driving in Anderson and we see the PERFECT place for engagement sessions. That could be a patch of woods, an uncut field, or a pond. Being in Anderson, there is no shortage of beautiful places to stop and snap some pictures.

IMPORTANT: if the land isn’t yours or someone you know, ASK before you just walk onto their property and take pictures.

6. YOUR Wedding Venue

As wedding photographers, we are REALLY big on not only having an engagement session but ALSO seeing the wedding venue before the big day.

As the photographers, it’s a HUGE help to let us see the venue, find the perfect spots, and get a lay of the land. For the couple, you get to see your venue ahead of time, get comfortable in front of the camera, AND get pictures at your wedding venue, which look great coupled with pictures from your wedding day.

Through the years, we’ve taken engagement pictures at The Oaks, Evergreen, Walker Century Farms where all of our couples were getting married. We love being able to take amazing engagement sessions and then revisit the venue on the wedding.

Where to Take Engagement Pictures in Anderson

We love Anderson so much, and there are so many places to take great pictures that most people don’t think about.

Not only are there good engagement spots, but there are great places to get married as well. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, we would love to talk to you about your special day and how we can help.

These are only a few of our favorite places in Anderson. We love our hometown, and we love taking pictures here.

If you like some of the places above or if we missed your favorite place, let us know!