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How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost?

How Many Hours Will You Stay At My Wedding?

How Many Images Will I Receive?

We have been shooting weddings since 2013 and have loved every minute of our journey!

Through the years, we’ve met SO many wonderful couples! Obviously, every wedding is different, but there are some pretty common questions we get from engaged couples!

It is our hope to serve you and cover as many questions as possible before you even have time to think of them! Planning a wedding takes a ton of time and energy - hopefully, some of these FAQs can help you by answering any some of the big questions you might have about wedding photography. 

Every wedding is special and unique, which means your wedding photography collection will be, too! Our wedding collections for an 8-hour wedding day and a complimentary engagement session begin at at $3,850.
We would love to talk with you to make sure we fit with your photography vision and we are more than happy to create a custom collection just for you!

If you want to see our investment guide, contact me by filling out our contact form and we can talk about your photography needs! 

Once again, this is going to depend on your needs and the size of your wedding. We typically suggest 8 hours, which allows us enough time to tell the full story of your wedding day from beginning to end. Of course, you can add additional hours of photography coverage if you need it. 

We don't want any couple to look back and feel like they didn’t get the pictures they hoped for. We are going to be there for as long as you need us, not a minute less. During our free consultation, we can discuss the flow of your wedding and I can help you decide how many hours you may need. 

We will never promise an exact number of photos. We don't want to limit the number of photos we deliver to a couple. We are going to edit and deliver EVERY single photo that turns out well! No restrictions! If we think you’re going to love it, we are going to give it to you in your gallery. That being said, we average about 100 images per hour on a wedding day.

Do You Charge Extra for a Second Shooter?

NO! One of the best parts of Katie Jaynes Photography is that there are always two photographers there, no matter what! I’ve never shot a wedding without my husband Mitchel there. This is something we get A LOT OF questions about (most of them are about us getting along, haha). 

Why do we always have two photographers? 
For us, it’s a no brainer. If you look through our wedding galleries, you’re going to see two angles from the exact same moment. Instead of one view of your first dance, you’re getting two angles. If we’re committed to giving you the best memories of your magical day, having two photographers is a MUST for us. 

How Long Before I Get My Wedding Pictures? 

Can I Print my Wedding Pictures? 

YES! Please do! There is nothing we love more than having brides print their favorite pictures to display! We tell everyone to show off their wedding pictures!

Having digital copies is great for saving space, but having those pictures printed out and hanging out your wall will help you remember those moments for many years. You and your family can order prints directly from your gallery, or print elsewhere at a trusted printer.

We also offer a Legacy Wedding Album that is hand-stitched with fine Italian leather or Fine Linen. If you want to see an example of these gorgeous albums, we can show you samples over coffee! 

You will receive a preview of 100 images or more within a few days of your wedding day when you're featured on our blog! You'll receive your full gallery of photos no more than 6 weeks after the wedding day! 

I know the anticipation of waiting for wedding photos, and I don't want you to have to wait for months and months to re-live your special day! 

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