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January 30, 2020

Destination Wedding Photographers

Let’s talk about travel!

As we mentioned in our recent blog post about our 2020 goals, one of our goals is to do more weddings AWAY from South Carolina (no offense SC, we love you, mean it). Now we don’t mean photographing a wedding in Greece or Italy (but, if you want to get married there, we will gladly pack our bags).

What we really mean is we’d love to photograph more in the states surrounding South Carolina, and along the East Coast. We want to stretch out of our comfort zone and explore new places!

Obviously, because we are from the Columbia and Greenville area, most of the weddings we photograph are in those areas, which are so near and dear to our hearts! But, we have decided we want to branch out, while continuing to serve our local couples!

In 2019, we got a wonderful, amazing, INCREDIBLE opportunity to photograph a wedding at the Biltmore house. Honestly, we still haven’t gotten over that lovely experience.

While we have loved all of the places our photography journey has taken us so far, there are still several places we have on our bucket list!

Our Dream Wedding Locations for Photography

One of the places Mitchel really wants to go is out West. He has a dream of shooting a wedding in New Mexico or Arizona (anywhere with a desert, cacti, and sand). He thinks it would be one of the coolest things and so different than our norm of green pastures and grasses galore!

Katie has always wanted to photograph a wedding in Florida or even Hawaii. For anyone who knows her, that’s not surprising. Katie is a HUGE beach girl, and ever since she started doing weddings, she’s wanted to do a wedding in Florida or in Hawaii!

Of course, who wouldn’t love to photograph a wedding at Disney World or Disney Land (we wouldn’t be picky).

Mitchel also has this crazy dream of shooting a wedding in the snow. Being wedding photographers in South Carolina means we don’t get a ton of snow (thankfully for me), but Mitchel loves the snow. Every time we see pictures of a wedding in the snow, he ALWAYS talks about how it’s a dream of his to do the same.

Now, that sounds miserable to me. I hate being cold, but I could totally get on board because man, that just sounds dreamy! I could see the bride and bridesmaids with beautiful fur shawl/wraps that perfectly compliment their dresses! AH!

This Years Wedding Locations

We have quite a few things coming up this year that we’re very excited about (no Italy or Disney World, yet). As always, we’re going to be traveling ALL across the state and into Georgia and North Carolina for some incredible weddings of couples that we are OBSESSED with!

As of writing this blog post, we have 18 weddings OFFICIALLY BOOKED for 2020 (EEK). Some of those are in our hometown of Anderson, all over the Greenville area, from mountains to downtown, but we have a few taking us a bit further!

We will be headed down to the coast for a wedding in Edisto Island this Fall. We love going down to the beach, but we very rarely get to shoot down there. We will be traveling to West Georgia to photograph a wedding this Summer in La Grange, GA. And so much more!


Are you planning your wedding and wondering if we will travel to your location? The answer is YES! We would love to chat more with you! We are only accepting 2-3 more weddings for 2020 and are booking into 2021!

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