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October 21, 2022

Dr. & Dr. Emerson | A Gassaway Mansion Wedding

Downtown Greenville SC Fall Wedding | Gassaway Mansion

Andrew and Hazel were married at Gassaway Mansion just outside of downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

Andrew and Hazel met their first week as freshman at Furman University. We have a special place in our heart for this story, because we met during our first week at Anderson University. We love hearing about relationships that begin so early in college and continue many years down the road.

Hazel had a huge crush on Andrew, so she asked him to tutor her in calculus. The thing was, she didn’t actually need a tutor, she just wanted an excuse to spend time with him. He finally caught on that she didn’t need help with calculus and asked her on a date. They walked around Furman lake and talked and talked about their commonalities. 

Not long after the first date, he invited her to church with his family. She was SO nervous to go to church with him in Simpsonville because his family was going to be there.  

After 8 years after dating, while both of them were in grad school for their doctoral degrees, Andrew proposed to Hazel. As the bridesmaids said, “It was about time!”

I loved getting to meet and hang out with Hazel and Andrew last Fall when we took their engagement photos at Furman. It was so special to get to see them at one of their most favorite places, where it all began.

The Wedding Day!

We started the day at a cute AirBnB two miles from Gassaway. Hazel rented the house as a place for all of the girls to stay and get ready. After getting a few detail photos and shots of girls in their matching pjs, the bridesmaids got in their dresses, it was time for all of us to load up and head to the wedding venue. 

One we got there, it was time for a few different first looks of Hazel in her dress. Hazel wanted to do a reveal of her in her dress starting with the bridesmaids, and of course the tears began. Hazel herself was overcome with tears after seeing her girls reaction to her. After plenty of tissues were passed around, the bridesmaids and Hazel’s mom gathered to pray over her. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. After that, it was time to go to the mansion’s front porch for the first look with her dad. It was so sweet to see her dad’s reaction to seeing her in her dress. 

Then it was time for Hazel and Andrew to see each other. They had a sweet few moments together and instantly seemed to feel more at ease and so ready for the rest of the day. Andrew and Hazel were so cute before their first look. We could tell both of them were nervous about the day, but after the first look, we could see how relaxed they became. The rest of the day, we could see how in love they are just by how they look at each other. We could feel their excitement, and after waiting for 9 years, it was obvious they were ready for this day. 

They had their ceremony on the front porch of Gassaway mansion, under the shade of a beautiful tree. Gassaway Mansion was stunning and we couldn’t have asked for better weather on their wedding day. Which in South Carolina, you never know what you’ll get in October. 

Not only did they include one of their grandmothers as the flower girl, but the petals she was tossing were saved from all of the flowers Andrew had given her through their years of dating. If you were wondering – the grandma CRUSHED it. It was the cutest thing ever. 

After The Ceremony

Hazel and Andrew included so many special details in their wedding day. Their party favors were backs of unpopped popcorn. As we learned, this family loves popcorn, which all started with Hazel’s dad. When her dad was younger, his aunt taught him how to make popcorn, and it has became a bit of the “family snack” – and it was the same aunt that Hazel was named after. 

Hazel and Andrew each picked out perfumes to wear and have been wearing for all of their wedding related events (tastings, saying yes to the dress, etc) and of course on the wedding day. The pearl necklace Hazel wore is her maternal grandmother’s from Taiwan who passed away before she was born.  

The reception was full of lots of fun, music, and dancing! Hazel and Andrew and their guests stayed out on the dance floor all night long! It was a party for sure!

Hazel and Andrew, we wish you all the best and are so thankful you trusted us to capture your perfect wedding day! You two are so special!

Dress: the Dressing Room South 

Venue/florist/coordinator/catering: Gassaway Mansion

DJ: The Party Machine

Cake: Holly’s Cakes

H&MUA: Cotton Rouge and Company

Bridesmaids: Azazie

Groom/groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations: Basic Invite

Alterations: Heidi Marie Bridal

Bartender: The Bearded Bartender

Coffee Bar: Synergy Coffee Catering

Wedding rings: Hollands Jewelers

Getaway Car: The Perfect Getaway

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