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June 27, 2019

Lake Conestee | Mauldin SC Engagement Photos | Courtney & HT

Greenville SC engagement sessin

Greenville SC Engagement Photos

I met Courtney and HT a few months back and immediately thought they were a great couple! Courtney’s family is friends with another KJP Couple, Luke and Laurel, who just got married 2 weeks ago!

When Courtney first contacted me and told me she was a friend of the Stubblefield family, I was so excited to chat with her!

After meeting with HT, Courtney, and Courtney’s mom, I was so excited to become their engagement and wedding photographer! They are a sweet couple and I knew HT and Mitchel would get each other’s humor so well!

We met at Lake Conestee Nature Park in Mauldin for their engagement session. When Courtney asked about locations, I asked her to think about a place that they liked to go together.

She wasn’t sure at first but after I listed off a few spots, she immediately knew that Lake Conestee was it because they go there regularly with their dogs to walk around. It’s a really pretty park with tons of trails and beautiful areas!

Lake Conestee Engagement Session

Courtney and HT knew they wanted a natural backdrop and that they definitely wanted to include their dogs in a few photos, so we thought this was the perfect place!

We started at the front of the park and worked our way down a few different trails and pretty areas with a bridge, boardwalk, water, and plenty of trees. We ended in a large field with the perfect sunset!

Courtney’s mom was nice enough to keep the dogs company while we took the first few photos and then helped us corral the dogs when it was time for them to be included in photos!

I had such a fun time with you guys Courtney and HT and can’t wait for your September wedding! 🙂

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