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September 17, 2020

Olivia & Brian | Lexington, KY Engagement Session

University of Kentucky Arboretum Engagement Session

When Olivia first contacted me and decided to book us for their May 2021 wedding, she asked about doing her and Brian’s engagement photos in Kentucky, where they met and live. We love taking any chance to travel and explore, so of course, we said yes please, we’d love to come!

We really enjoyed hearing more about Olivia and Brian and their relationship as well as wedding plans. We even got to have dinner with them at a cute little local restaurant after their session.

The first time I talked with Olivia over the phone, she told me all about the two of them. That they met at the church they both went to. I just love their story. Olivia said that they had seen each other at church several times from a distance, and one Sunday she asked Brian if he wanted to sit with her. So of course, he did.

For the next several weeks, they sat together, never really talking more than just a few minutes at church, casual conversations.

Olivia made the first move, not only by asking Brian to sit with her, but she also said that she “slid into his Instagram DM’s and asked for his phone number”. I loved that she was brave enough to reach out to him, and the rest is history.

The Engagement Session

Leading up to the session, there was a chance of rain for the evening of their session. Prior to us arriving in Lexington, I was trying to figure out alternate plans of locations that were covered or indoors, even possibly changing the session to the morning after it was supposed to happen. I have never had to worry about this type of thing in a new city I’ve never been to before, but Olivia was calm and sure it would work out. I loved that about her!

Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and we did not get rained on! Just a few hours before the session, it rained and I was praying that it would be done in time for their photos.

We met Olivia and Brian at the church where they met, Calvary Baptist Church, in downtown Lexington. Olivia and Brian wanted photos on the steps of the church, which we thought was so perfect!

Then we went over to the University of Kentucky Botanical Gardens and Arboretum. It is on UK’s campus, just across the street from their sports fields! It is so well kept. Just beautiful! So much greenery, florals everywhere, and some of the cutest spots for photos.

Sightseeing in KY

A few hours before their session, Mitchel and I arrived in KY and went straight to the arboretum to look around to find some great spots for photos. We were so pleased at how beautiful the entire area is. We had no issue finding great locations with beautiful scenery and great light.

We even had time to hop over to UK’s campus and look around. This is Mitchel’s favorite thing to do when we visit a new city. We found our way into an unlocked door that led into the football stadium. I’m a rule follower and stayed behind, while Mitchel, (AS ALWAYS) found an open door and trespassed into the stadium to get a closer look.

We even saw some football players heading to their practice field and got to watch their practice. But oh no, Mitchel didn’t stop there. Just across the street, their baseball field was also unlocked. I’m talking, gate wide open, players and coaches standing in the parking lot. So he waltzed right in. I sat in the car this time, because my rule-follower self could not handle the anxiety of confronting the coaches and players to walk by. Ha!

Kentucky Engagement Session

Olivia and Brian, it was such a pleasure to meet you guys and to get to spend time with you guys in your city! We absolutely can’t wait for your wedding in our sweet, little city next May at the Bleckley Inn!

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