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January 22, 2020

Our Wedding Photography Business Goals: 2020 Edition

2020 the year of clear vision. They say hindsight is 20/20, but we don’t care cause we are only looking forward. Okay, I’m done with the year puns.

At the beginning of every year, Katie and I go to a new breakfast place and we talk about all of our personal goals, our fitness goals, our spiritual goals, and our business goals.

For both of us, it’s the perfect time to discuss what we want to get done this year, encourage each other and make sure we are on the same page for our marriage. After Christmas is over and we’ve made it through New Year, our annual business breakfast is something we’ve started looking forward to.

This year, we went to Biscuit Head in Greenville. Before we start talking about our goals, we have to tell you about this restaurant. OH WOW! It was SOOO good! We loved it.

Aside from having amazing homemade biscuits, they also had plenty of healthy veggie options. Their jellies and jams on top of the biscuits were the best things I’ve had in a long time.

Not to mention the coffee! They had some locally roasted coffee, and it was PERFECT! We loved it and will be going back, for sure!

Wedding Photography Goals

We’ve talked about how blessed we were in 2019 with our photography business! It was Katie’s first year of being full-time, and it’s crazy to see how much our business grew when she was devoting more time to it.

We had a whirlwind of a year which was highlighted by some of the most amazing couples ever! We sat down to lay out our goals for 2020, and it was hard. When you have such a great year in your business, it’s hard to picture it getting much better. How do we set our goals when we’ve already been blessed beyond what we thought?

After a lot of back and forth, several cups of coffee, and the best biscuits EVER, we finally got some goals down on paper.

1. More Travel for Weddings

We live in Anderson, so we shoot a lot of weddings in the Upstate, and since Katie’s originally from the Columbia area, we also do plenty in the Midlands. We love shooting these weddings close to home.

But, we also REALLY want to start doing more weddings away from home. We’ve been fortunate enough to have shot a wedding at the Biltmore and in Charleston. We loved going to new places and seeing the venues we would never see otherwise.

This year, we are hoping to book more weddings out of state. It’s going to bring up a lot more logistical problems to work through and will probably bring more stress, but it’s something we can’t wait to do!

Let’s be honest. There are a couple reasons for this goal. One of them is we just think it would be SO awesome getting to do weddings in new and fun places. We would love to be able to say we are traveling photographers. The other is because it looks so cool!

There aren’t many South Carolina based wedding photographers who are traveling across the South East (or further) and we would love to be one of them.

This year, we have a wedding in Georgia, and we are so excited and we hope it’s just the beginning. Our goal is to book one or two weddings out of state this year, which is kind of scary!

2. Book 20 Weddings in 2020

This is a very concrete goal for us, which is scary. Honestly, we wanted to edit this one or hesitate before we wrote it down and shared t with all fo our couples and everyone who reads our blog.

Last year, we had 13 couples join the Katie Jaynes Fam. This year, we’re trying to hit the 20 mark. So far, we’ve reached 18, which is VERY close to our goal!

Now, here is my fear of setting this 20 wedding goal. If we don’t hit 20, was it a bad year? Of course not! We are still having amazing weddings with the best couples. Will we be disappointed, maybe a teeny bit.

Our Photography Goals

For us, running a small business has become one of the most rewards and scariest things we’ve ever done. But we always want to continue to be better at what we do. While we like to put numbers on our goals and make them measurable (SMART Goals), our main objective is to always be better than we were last year.

That means finding ways to love our clients better, offer more resources, and make the process easier.

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