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November 20, 2019

The Best Time To Book Your Wedding Photographer

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So you’re engaged! Congrats! What a huge and wonderful milestone in your relationship!

Now comes all the planning! But before you dive head first into wedding planning mode, we encourage you to stop! Just for a bit. Go plan a celebratory date with your fiancé, put on your fanciest dress that makes you feel fabulous, and go on a date with your FIANCE! Or if you’re not a fancy dress girl, grab your fiancé and celebrate however fits you best!

Have an engagement party, or at least some type of celebration with family and friends! You totally deserve it and should savor this first few moments of engagement.

When’s the Best time of my Engagement to Book a Wedding Photographer?

Once you’re ready to jump into planning, most people tend to choose your wedding date and venue first. Not a bad idea at all if you ask us.

But my biggest piece of advice as a wedding photographer is:

If you have a certain photographer in mind in the slightest, go ahead and reach out to them pretty soon after you’re engaged!

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Why? But Katie, isn’t this contradictory to your first piece of advice to stop and savor the first few moments of engagement? Maybe? But it’s so important because it is the saddest thing to me when a perfect, lovely couple reaches out to us and we are already BOOKED! Cue all the tears.

Truly, it makes me so sad to email back and forth or to talk over the phone and become so excited to meet a bride-to-be, only to find out that we aren’t available on their wedding date.

Even if you haven’t decided on a wedding date and booked a venue, you can reach out to me (or any photographer for that matter) with 2-3 dates in mind to see if your favorite photographer is already booked or not! Then, once you are trying to nail down a date, you will know which one is best for that photographer that you have obsessed about on Instagram for so long.

When is the Busiest Wedding Photography Booking Season?

There isn’t really a best or worst time to book in my opinion. In a study done by Wedding Wire from 2018, over 40% of all proposals happen between Thanksgiving-Valentines Day. That means in a given year, 40% of proposals happen within less than a 3-month span.

That is a lot of engaged people in not a lot of time! So especially if you get engaged around those months, go ahead and reach out!

For us lately, we have found that the average couple books about 9-10 months out from their wedding date. Wedding wire states that from their research, most engagements last around 14 months.

Months that almost always fill quickly for us most years: June, October, November.

We hope this is helpful and not adding more stress! Overall, you can’t mess it up and take all the wedding planning in stride! It WILL all get done! 🙂

Booking a Wedding Photographer

Picking a wedding photographer is not an easy decision an we know that. We try to make the booking process as simple and fun as possible.

When you’re picking vendors, you’re having to make a lot of decisions. For some people it can be a very stressful time, but planning your wedding should be a joyful fun event.

We want to walk with you through the process, step-by-step to ensure you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing a photographer. We love to talk to you about your big wedding day and how we can be there with you.

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