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January 16, 2020

Upstate South Carolina Wedding Vendor Guide

Upstate South Carolina Wedding magazine of vendorsWe are so excited to announce our brand new Preferred Upstate SC Wedding Vendor Guide! This is something we’ve been working on for a while, and we are so glad to be able to share it with everyone!

We spent a lot of time thinking through how we wanted to compile these vendors and who to include on the guide. Through the years, we’ve been able to help several brides connect with vendors that we have personally worked alongside: bakers, caterers, planners, dress shops, videographers, and more!

Being able to help couples plan their wedding and avoid stress is our goal for all of our couples. We remember how time-consuming it was planning a wedding. Only five years ago, I spent hours on the phone with different vendors trying to plan our wedding.

Planning a Wedding in Greenville, SC

So why did we create this guide? It was our goal for a bride to use this guide to contact every vendor they need to have the perfect wedding. People who we know will offer only the best!

We wanted to be sure that we were comfortable recommending everyone on this list. It’s not something we took lightly. We wanted vendors who were professional, kind, and incredible at what they do.

As we mentioned in our first podcast episode, one of the most frustrating things for us was having to call a vendor on our lunch break, and then wait 3 days just to hear back from them or get any info. When you’re trying to plan a dream wedding, this makes it hard.

teal download button for a upstate sc wedding vendor guide

This guide is not only be for the brides who book Katie Jaynes Photography, but for ANYONE who needs it. We don’t want anyone else to have to spend hours looking for an email address or phone numbers just to get in touch with potential wedding vendors.

Instead of having to rely on sketchy Facebook reviews or ask your cousin who got married last year, you can trust these vendors because we’ve worked with them! For most of them, we’ve seen them at several weddings and have loved seeing how they serve and love couples!

If you’re planning a wedding, we hope you can use our guide and it saves you some frustration and time! All of the vendors on this guide would be happy to chat with you.

Tips for Planning a Wedding

When we were planning our wedding, we learned a lot of things the hard way. The first thing we learned was DON’T try and call in the evening.

Trying to call after regular business hours is pointless. All we did was talk to voicemails, and half the time the vendors wouldn’t call us back in a timely manner. We tell our brides and grooms to try and make time to call during your lunch break. Sure, it’s not how you want to spend your lunch break, but it will be much more effective.

The next tip is to create a spreadsheet, list all of the vendors you’re considering, and keep all of the info they give in the same spreadsheet. We probably talked to 10 different caterers, several venues, and a handful of photographers. After a while, all of the people and numbers start to blend together.

Instead of writing down all of the information on spare sticky notes and QT receipts, we HIGHLY suggest getting a shared Google Doc. This will let you update all of the vendor info and prices wherever you are.

Katie Jaynes Wedding Vendor Guide

We REALLY hope this guide will make your wedding planning easy. Being engaged is a very fun season of life, we don’t want all of the calling and details get in the way of you enjoying being engaged.

Personally, this would have made our engagement and wedding planning SO much easier.

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