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July 1, 2016

FOR BRIDES | The One Thing Your Wedding Photographer ISN’T Going to Tell You

a bride walking down the aisle at a church with her groom in the background. Flower petals trail her on the ground.

When you’re talking to wedding vendors, most of  them are going to say ANYTHING to get you to book. Honestly, a lot of vendors can be worse than used car salesmen.

At Katie Jaynes Photography, we bride ourselves on being as transparent and honest as possible when talking to couples. If we don’t think we are a good fit for a couple, then we will say that. We want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible, even if we aren’t the right photographer for the job.

Regardless of who you pick for your wedding photographer, we want you to make the best and most informed decision possible.

What Wedding Photographers Don’t Say

So, you’ve picked your photographer, or you looking for the perfect photographer to capture your wedding day. A lot of engaged couples say that the photographer is the most important decision they make when planning a wedding.

You want to find the photographer that is going to capture those beautiful moments as you say, “I do” to the love of your life. Well, as photographers, we can tell you something that most aren’t going to – the photographer ISN’T the most important part.

Don’t get me wrong, having a great photographer that is going to give you those dreamy photographs that you will look at for years is at the top of the list of must-haves, but enjoying your wedding day and soaking up the moments is way more important.

Before we got married, we received some of the most valuable advice for our wedding day, “make sure to stop and take mental picture” at the big moments during the day. Don’t rush through your whole wedding day just to look back and not remember any of it.

Secrets from a Wedding Photographer

Yes, we will provide you beautiful, treasured images that will last forever. That is a promise. But if you aren’t intentional about taking the time to slow down and enjoy those moments during your wedding day, you will regret it later.

As you’re standing up there in front of your family and friends, waiting to be married to your loving spouse… Stop. Take in that moment. Look around. Notice the little things. Don’t let the pictures you see after the wedding be the only way that you remember this super special day.

We live in a time that taking out our phones and taking pictures is actually more important than experiencing the moment. We want to save these memories forever, but we only see the moments on screens or through printed pictures.

When you’re dancing your feet off at the reception step back from the dance floor and just take it all in. Actually notice who is there. Look at your guests and the fun they are having. And then make sure to watch your new spouse do the Cha-Cha slide from across the room.

Sure, you can put a price tag on a quality photographer, but you can’t put one on those mental pictures that you’ll hold onto forever. (FYI: we DO provide excellent photos that capture your day, at a reasonable price)