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Bridal Portraits

November 19, 2017

Nikki Goss Atkinson | Bridal Portraits

Remember that day in early October when the Upstate had some rain and strong winds as a result of a hurricane? Yeah, that was the day we had scheduled for Nikki’s bridal portraits. We decided to meet and take her portraits even thought we knew rain was in the forecast. I didn’t actually know that it would be any more than some rain. 

Luckily, her venue had a really pretty rap-around porch and a beautiful old home with lots of vintage charm. We even realized after we finished taking her portraits that our phones (that were tucked away in another room) had given us a message saying something to the effect of  “Take cover now. There is a hurricane in your area.”….oops. We missed that hint, but while we were inside one of the rooms taking pictures, we did notice that it got really dark and scary outside. Thankfully, we were okay and we got some really pretty images of Nikki, despite the weather! Now that Nikki is officially Mrs. Atkinson, I can finally share her bridal portraits! 

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