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May 22, 2018

Marriage Monday: Our Vow to Eat at the Dinner Table 

 A few scenes from our dinner table

A few scenes from our dinner table

We are just as guilty as anyone else. We would love to sit down every night across from each other at the table. In a perfect world, where we always have a hot meal, we would sit down at the table, maybe play some music, and talk about our day. 

Do we do this? “Hardly ever” would have been our answer until recently. Why don’t we? We THINK we’re too busy. Most times, we aren’t. Here’s what really happens most nights. 

We cook dinner as quickly as possible. We toss it onto a (probably paper, let’s be honest) plate. We plop down in front of the television. We shovel our food down in about five minutes and then get back to whatever we were doing. 

Dinner is not much of an event in our home. Yes, we love to eat, but most times we do it while doing something else. Katie may be editing photos or emailing clients. Mitchel could be writing or getting a post ready. Sometimes we may just watch a tv show, completely unengaged with each other. Dinner is not the first thing on our minds.  

We aren’t saying there is anything wrong with this. It’s how a lot people eat dinner. But we wanted to make a change. One of our New Year’s resolution was to eat at the dinner table more.

At while back, we made it our rule that if we cooked our dinner in the crock-pot (which we used to use about 3 times a week), we ate at the dinner table. It was our little rule of thumb. The problem is, we don’t use our crock-pot as much, which means the rule is null and void.  

Why do we care about eating at the table? When we do, it’s like going on a homebrew date! We get to stop what we’re doing, put everything down, and focus on each other. 

There is no editing. No writing. No other activities. Just the two of us, talking about our days. Talking about what’s been happening. It’s a quick little time for us to reconnect with each other. 

If you’re a young married couple, we challenge you to try to do the same thing we’ve been doing. Try and eat at your dinner table (or at least turn the TV off) at least once a week. We don’t think it’s asking a lot to disconnect and focus on each other for a meal. 

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