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February 18, 2019

Marriage Monday: Wade & Karen’s Marriage Story

If you’ve been around a while, you may have seen our Marriage Monday blog posts. This is something that started as a desire to share more about our own marriage and things we are learning. It turned into a desire to pour into other marriages!

We are passionate about photographing couples and weddings, of course. But we care even more about thriving marriages. We are here for our brides and grooms beyond the wedding day and we are cheering for your marriage! That’s why we have decided to start a blog series in an interview format this year called Marriage Stories. We will post every other week on Marriage Monday with an interview from couples that we look up to as well as our recent wedding clients. We will still be writing and sharing every other week about our own marriage too. 

How long have you been married?
35 years

Do you have kids? Grandkids? How many?
Yes. 5 wonderful kids, including our awesome son-in-laws. And one adorable 4 month old granddaughter.

Tell us your love story! How did you meet?
We met at church, along with my sister and her husband (Wade’s brother). We went out on a date and hated each other…clearly it was truly love at first sight. Ha!

What’s your favorite memory from your wedding day?
It was at least 106 degrees, in August. A guest poured a 10 lb bag of rice down our backs as my husband was opening the car door for me as we were leaving the reception. We had rice in our car for many many years. Despite vacuuming repeatedly we had rice in our car when we see sold it years later!

What have been some struggles in your marriage? How did you overcome them?
We struggled with learning to manage money, learning how to parent, and how to have relationships with in-laws. First of all, take our advice don’t live with your parents when you’re first married. Leave and cleave to each other. As for raising kids: love them, take time to teach them, discipline them, and take them to church. For finances…go to DaveRamsey.com and learn all you can about managing money and becoming a good steward. He helped us (and still helps remind us) tremendously in learning about getting rid of debt.

What is one thing that you’ve learned from marriage?
Each of you give 100% every single day. 50/50 just won’t cut it!

What have been some great joys of your marriage?
Our children! Seeing them grow up into wonderful Godly adults.

What’s your best piece of advice for newlyweds?
Love is an action. Not a feeling. Love your spouse even when you don’t feel like it.

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