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February 19, 2021

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal (Plus a Bonus Tip)

Hey, all you dating folks! If you’ve started thinking about popping the question, it can put a lot of pressure on you. You’ve decided to take the next step, you want it to be perfect, but you have no idea where to begin. 

Mitchel remembers how stressful it was to plan, coordinate, and orchestrate our proposal. We got engaged at the college we met, and it was beautiful. We still remember every detail of the day and it’s a story we talk about very often.

That’s why we are here. We want you to be able to look back on your engagement day and smile. It can be kind of overwhelming when you’re thinking about proposing. We will walk you through our key tips to having the perfect proposal.

Talk to The Parents

This might seem like an outdated, old school tradition for some people, but if it’s important to your future spouse, then you should do it! 

Not everyone thinks it’s necessary to ask the family’s permission before proposing, but there are a lot of people who still hold those family values. Regardless of you or your significant other’s thoughts on it, having their family know your plans before asking can never hurt. 

Hopefully, you know if your future spouse has talked about this and you know what they would want, but we think it’s better safe than sorry. Plus, you can always get some advice from the family. 

Buy the Ring

Mitchel says this was one of the most difficult parts of the whole process. This is where Pinterest, her family, and her friends can be a HUGE help. 

Before we got engaged, Mitchel and I talked about some of the different types of rings that I liked. I didn’t give any specifics or tell him exactly what I wanted, but he had a general idea of the color and style. Not saying that you have to do that, but it seems to be a common route. 

Pick a Spot/Day

Now that you have the ring, then the real planning can get started. This is where a lot of moving pieces get involved and you have to do some REAL thinking. We know there is a lot of pressure to create the PERFECT, magical proposal. We don’t think you need to create some giant production but do think about what your bride will appreciate and create a special moment in a meaningful place. 

Think back to your first date, maybe you could go back to the same place. Or you might have a place that you both love going to. Regardless of what it is, try and make it special. If you can’t think of any place, don’t worry, wherever you propose that will be your special place.

Get Friends Involved if Needed

We are big fans of talking to her friends while you’re planning a proposal. In just about every situation, it’s going to make the whole process (and your life) A LOT easier. 

First of all, her friends might have some more insight into what she will like, what type of ring she’s dreamed of, and they can help you execute the whole plan. 

If your plan involves you surprising her somewhere or something out of the ordinary, having friends involved can make your life much easier and can make everything go much smoother. 

Hire a Photographer 

Once again, this all depends on what you and your significant other like. A lot of couples wouldn’t want a photographer there to document this. They would rather it be an intimate moment without strangers there, but other couples want to have this moment in photos forever. 

If you plan on hiring a professional photographer, you’ll need to relay all of the details of the proposal and have a point of contact for the big day. It’s important they know exactly where you’ll be popping the question, when, and how they can get updates from before you propose. 

We highly recommend meeting with the photographers at the location BEFORE the day. That way you can walk around with them, give them the plan, and they can pick out spots to hide or where they will stand for the pictures.  

Bonus tip: The Professionals

We decided to include this tip just for fun (and who knows, it could be helpful). There are actually companies out there who can help you plan your proposal. Groups like The Heart Bandits or The Yes Girls will actually work with you to plan the perfect proposal. 

Each company is different and has different packages depending on their business, but for the most part, they all begin with an extensive meeting to learn about you and your soon-to-be fiance. Then they will build a few customized proposal plans, including spots, time, and any extra details.  

If you’re trying to make it a magical night she will never forget and you can’t seem to think of anything, why not give some of the professionals a shot? 

The Perfect Proposal Tips

We’ve had the amazing privilege of photographing several proposals through the years, and regardless of the spot, the weather, or who was there, each one was amazing and the couple loved every minute of it. They have always been the perfect day. 

If you need any tips or tricks from a photographer’s point of view, please let us know and we would love to talk! And good luck!

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