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June 4, 2020

A Letter to My Grace Church Senior Girls

Anderson SC Graduation Photos

Jess, Sarah Grace, Rosie, Jillian, and Claire,

I have been thinking about writing this post for some time now. It has been hard to find the right words to accurately explain how much you girls mean to me! So I figured your graduation day was the right time.

I am so thankful that 4 years ago, Mitchel and I jumped into serving as small group leaders in our church youth group, not knowing at all what we were getting into. 😉

We didn’t know we’d stay for 4 years instead of 2, but most of all, we didn’t know how much we would love y’all.

I thought we’d serve in this role for 2 years max, because honestly, I was so scared that I wouldn’t connect with well with y’all. Man was I wrong!

Some of you have been apart of this group since your freshman year and others have joined along the way. It has been the sweetest time getting to know you guys, your hearts, and all of your wonderfully hilarious quirks. Y’all truly make me belly laugh.

We have had hard times, really hard. We have dealt with so much life together, and truly understood what discipleship looks like. I’m just honored that I got to walk through so much with you guys.

We have been on 4 retreats, met in-homes, had sleepovers, had more Sunday night programs than I can count, and ran around in the new auditorium like crazies playing games. We have worshipped together, heard sound and challenging teaching, and poured our hearts out to each other in small group time.

I am feeling a lot of emotions, but mostly I am proud. Thank you girls for loving me as your leader and for all of the fun! You are truly some of my most favorite girls and I am thankful for each one of you!

Congrats sweet class of 2020! You have been through it all, ended your high school career in quarantine, and I am so proud! Happy Graduation Day. You are so loved!

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