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November 25, 2020

Anderson SC Wedding | Mr. & Mrs. Von Bokern


Anderson, SC St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Wedding

Jordan and Lindsey were married with a beautiful, intimate ceremony at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Anderson, SC with an elegant, intimate reception at Passerelle Bistro in downtown Greenville.

Lindsey and Jordan are an adorable couple. Their love for each other just makes me smile. They have waited a long time for each other, and I think they’d both say the wait leading up to when they met has made their relationship all the sweeter. They are perfect together.

While they live and work in the DC area, Lindsey’s parents live in the Anderson area. While in town in May, Jordan proposed in Downtown Anderson right near a big blue sculpture that used to be right outside of CocoBon Chocolatier. Lindsey’s response was “of course!”. 

We loved getting to take a few of their engagement photos a few months back in that same spot where they were engaged, even though the statue had been relocated by that point. 

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day, the weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect for Jordan and Lindsey’s wedding day.

Both Lindsey and Jordan admitted to being a little nervous before the ceremony, but both of them were just as calm as ever. They were excited to save their first moment of seeing each other for their big aisle reveal during the ceremony in the church. It seemed that once they saw each other, that they both were so comfortable and at ease, with big smiles and a few tears as well.

When we arrived at the church, Lindsey was with her sister and mom. The girls had their hair and makeup done by the wonderful Cotton Rouge Team that morning, and were relaxed and ready for the day when we arrived.

Jordan was with some friends and family in a room off of the main church. He also seemed calm and ready to be married!

Lindsey and her dad shared a sweet moment together where he got to see her in her grandmother’s dress that was 80 years old. Lindsey had the dress fitted and altered so that she was able to make it her own, while still allowing it to reflect it’s original design from all those years ago.

Their ceremony was a sweet time, with their priest making sure to personalize the ceremony with extra special touches, while still including all of the traditional elements. 

The reception was in the heart of Downtown Greenville, in Falls Park at Paserelle Bistro, a lovely restaurant just before Liberty Bridge.

Remember the sweet marriage proposal I mentioned above? Well Jordan and Lindsey had their wedding cake made to look just like the statue, with the words “of course” written on the front. I just loved it and that they included that special day on their wedding day.

Jordan and Lindsey, we have loved getting to know you over the past several months and are honored to have been a part of your season of engagement and your sweet wedding day! You two are gems and we wish you all the best!

Greenville, SC Falls Park Wedding



Ceremony Venue | St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Reception Venue | Passerelle Bistro

Florist | Renee Burroughs Design 

Cake | Passerelle Bistro

Catering | Passerelle Bistro

Make-up & Hair | Cotton Rouge & Co.

Bridal Gown | Dress 1- Family Heirloom, alterations by Starr Tailors

Dress 2 – David’s Bridal

Photographer | Katie Jaynes 

Second Photographer | Mitchel Jaynes

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