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May 21, 2021

Best Wedding Planning Tools in 2021

I’ll never forget how STRESSED I was trying to plan our wedding. We were both 21 years old, just graduated college, and both starting new jobs. On top of all that, I was calling vendors, trying on dresses, and seeing which colors would look best for a Spring wedding.

Thankfully, planning a wedding doesn’t have to be quite as crazy as that. Technology has made life much easier. I’m going to go through some of the best wedding tools we see our couples using to plan their wedding. Everything from choosing wedding vendors to staying organized.

WeddingHappy App

This is one that I wish I would have known about when I was planning our wedding. It would have saved me a few headaches during the planning. 

What’s really cool about this app is that it comes pre-loaded with a lot of the standard planning tasks, like “print invites, send invites”, etc. then it will remind you when those dates are approaching. 

Setting up the app is simple. Once you create an account, you’ll plug in your wedding date and then start filling in some of the tasks you need to complete, fill in the to-do dates, and the app will handle the rest. 

Google Sheets

Honestly, Google Sheets were the only thing that kept me sane during the planning process (I still use them for just about everything). 

You might be wondering why I would something as basic as Google Sheets on a wedding planning tools list. Because it’s straightforward and it allows you to custom the list to meet your needs. You don’t need to adjust your needs to fit into a tool or an app. 

Not t mention, Google Sheets makes it super simple to share any updates with your fiancé, wedding planner, or whoever else may be helping you. If a friend is helping you contact vendors, you can both edit the same sheet at the same time. A simple way to eliminate back and forth. 

My Google Sheet consisted of columns of the vendor’s name, contact person, phone number, email address, first payment date, subsequent payments, totals left, etc. 

Shared Calendar 

I don’t know how good you and your soon-to-be spouse are at keeping track of to-dos and dates, but we are terrible at it. It was even worse when we were in the middle of the wedding planning storm. 

This seems very simple, but having the ability to put an event on a shared Google Calendar, add contact details (or Zoom links), and include times and any additional notes made wedding planning (and my everyday life), so much easier. I would even put reminders 24 hours before each vendor meeting so we didn’t forget.

The Knot Wedding Planning App

The Knot Wedding Planning App was new to use when we started researching for this post. Honestly, we had never heard of it, so we can’t speak to the quality of the app or the process. 

So, this section is just based on what we’ve seen on their website and through reviews. With that being said, this doesn’t look like an app that will help you throughout the whole process, but it’s a wonderful place to gather ideas and make spark some creativity. 

Here is the lowdown on what the app can do. 

The journey starts with a Wedding style quiz. As the site describes, “Define your vision all on the Knot App”. The quiz takes you through the theme, color, and style of your wedding. 

From there, it has all of The Knot registered wedding vendors in one place, all sorted by category. Not only will the app allow you to find their contact info, but also keep track of who’ve you’ve contacted and when. 

The app has additional features like editing your website, adding gifts to your registry, purchasing items, and a feature that creates a wedding day timeline. Just judging by what we see on the website, this app looks great for those in the beginning stages of planning, but after choosing vendors, we aren’t sure how helpful the app will be. 

Zola Wedding Website Creator 

The benefits of a wedding website are almost endless. It allows all of your guests to stay up-to-date on everything with your wedding and it gives them a place to refer back to as the wedding gets closer. You can have links to your registry, allow guests to RSVP directly on the site, they can ask questions, you can post pictures from your engagement session, and so much more. 

In the year of COVID, we are all familiar with any last-minute change of plans. Nobody likes to have to reschedule or postpone a wedding, but the truth is that it happens. None of us can predict the future, thanks to wedding websites, it’s make sharing any postponements much easier. 

Pandemic aside, a wedding website can save you some trouble in the future. It’s the perfect place to put all of your wedding info for your guests to reference whenever they need it. You can password protect the site if you don’t want just anyone to stumble upon it. 

If you aren’t a techie person, the idea of building a wedding website might sound overwhelming, but it’s not as bad as you might think. In fact, it’s easier than setting up a MySpace (some of you won’t get that. It’s okay, we are old). 

According to their website, it’s ONLY three easy steps:

1. Pick a Design

From classic to floral, minimalist to romantic, there’s a perfect website for every couple and every wedding theme.

2. Personalize It

Fill the template with your own wedding details, photo gallery, stories, your registry, travel info, and more.

3. Share It With Guests

Print your URL on your save the dates and wedding invites. Save money and let guests RSVP on your site, too!

I mean, I don’t know anything about creating a website, but I walked through the process and it was SO easy and fun. I haven’t tested any other website builders, but I really wish this would have existed when we were getting married. 

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