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May 18, 2020

Columbia SC Engagement Photos | Emily & Justin

Sometimes, it really hits me just how crazy it is that so many friends and clients of ours know each other! Emily and Justin definitely fall into that category! After they had booked us a few months ago for their October 2020 wedding, which would be on a friend’s land, I mailed Emily her bridal guide magazine. That’s nothing unusual as we do that for each of our couples.

She sent me a photo that was in our bridal guide and said “oh my gosh! This photo of yours is at our venue!” How crazy that we have already shot a wedding where they’d be getting married!

Our sweet couple Kirsten and Adam from last June got married at this same spot, on Kirsten’s family’s land. Emily & Justin will marry here too, which we are so excited about!

For Emily and Justin’s engagement session last weekend, we had planned to meet at Sesquicentennial State Park in Columbia.

Well, with all of the uncertain events, Mitchel and I arrived to find that the park was full and they were not letting in any more guests, AND the park was closing 3 hours early. Ugh. I was at a loss.

Engagement Session in Columbia, South Carolina

So we drove 10 minutes down the road to another option…that was closed too. We met Emily and Justin in the Sandhills Mall area and then decided to head to their venue. They made a call to Mr. Boyd and he said “come on over!”

And I am SO glad that we did! It turned out perfectly! It was beautiful and super sweet for them to get to have engagement photos where they are getting married!

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