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Bridal Portraits

April 23, 2019

Downtown Charlotte Bridal Portraits

Now that Alyssa is a married lady, I can finally share her bridal portraits! Her wedding day was just gorgeous and it was evident that her and Mikas are so loved by many! You can see their Charleston engagement photos from last April here.

I have been sitting on these photos and haven’t been able to show anyone for about two months, so I am so excited to share them!

Charolette Bridal Portraits

We met on a chilly Wednesday in February, the day before valentines day, because Alyssa was able to take that week off of her busy schedule with residency to get some wedding planning done. Luckily, it wasn’t as cold as it had been in the days leading up to her portrait day! I was a little scared that she might freeze, but the wind and cold held off pretty well for us!

We met at her church in Charlotte, First Presbyterian Church. It was so sweet that we did her bridal portraits at the church because this is where her and Mikas are members and where their wedding ceremony was going to be held. Plus, it was just beautiful and some of the trees and flowers were beginning to bloom during her bridal portraits. There are tons of flowering trees, and some dogwoods that were adorable with their little blooms! We ventured inside the church and and then all around the front area and through some gardens on the side of the church that were adorable.

Enjoy some of Alyssa’s bridal portraits!

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