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October 29, 2019

Our Surprise Vacation

Dallas, Waco, & Austin

Mitchel planned a surprise trip for us at the end of September! He told me at the end of August that he had planned a trip and hadn’t decided if/when he was going to give me the details! He decided not to tell me until we got to the airport.

Mitchel was hoping to not let me know until we made it to the gate, but when we got to check-in, the guy at the counter said “enjoy your flight to Dallas”….and then I knew! WACO!!! He told me the plan. We’d spend a few days in Dallas, drive to Waco, then to Austin.

We are both homebodies, but really like to travel, too. With the busyness of our photography season this Summer, we didn’t get to do as much vacationing as we would have liked. I have been saying for quite sometime that I’d like to go to Texas. Neither of us had ever been.

I, of course, wanted to go to Waco to experience and see Magnolia Market and the bakery. I love home decor and we are big fans of Chip & Jojo! Mitchel is a huge college football fan and always likes getting to see football stadiums wherever we travel. Texas had a lot to offer in that department!


We started our trip by flying into Dallas and spending 2 days there. Of course, we did a lot of site-seeing around the town. Cute coffee shops, walked around Southern Methodist University, saw Mary Kay headquarters, went to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum (is was actually super cool).

The Farmer’s Market in Dallas is adorable and has so many cute food options! Actually, we went twice in two days we loved it so much.

We loved Kylde Warren Park, right in the center of downtown Dallas, complete with food trucks and lots of fun. We also LOVED Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. When we were there it was FILLED with pumpkins and gourds. Adorable!

We visited the Katy Trail a went on a little run one night, and we went to the Bishops Arts District which is such a cute and trendy area!


In Waco, we went to the beloved Magnolia Market & Bakery, and the silos. We also visited the Dr. Pepper Museum, a super cool bar called The Backyard Bar, and of course, Baylor University’s campus and football stadium. Mitchel picked THE CUTEST Airbnb for us in Waco!


We were only in Austin for a short time but loved walking all over town to see murals and things downtown! Another fun thing we saw was the a large bat population that comes out from under a bridge around sunset. So neat!

Here is our trip in photos, a mixture of iPhone pics and my real camera!

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