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July 9, 2021

Photographing Bridal Details and Why They Matter

The details are everything as a wedding photographer. We believe it’s our job to capture every moment during the wedding, everything from the big stuff all the way to the tiny moments.

You put countless hours into planning your wedding and making decisions on everything. It’s our mission to make sure all of those details are captured.

Why do we care about the small details so much? Well, because we’ve been married for over 6 years and if it wasn’t for our wedding pictures, there is no way we would remember any of those little things. They would be gone from our minds forever.

If it weren’t for our photo albums, I would barely remember the shoes I wore (shocking, right?), Mitchel’s tie, or the flowers at our reception. I know those things don’t sound important, but to us, it takes us back to those moments and all the tiny, special things about the day.

As the wedding gets closer, we send all of our couples a list of things to bring to the wedding. We are going to share some of the different details shows we’ve taken, why they are important, and ways that you can ensure you get all the small things captured.


The bling makes the outfit! Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but the jewelry is SUPER important. Of course, we will always take pictures of the wedding rings and engagement rings. Those are a given. But those aren’t the only pieces of bling that we will want to take pictures of.

three rings resting on a black tie

If you have earrings you really like or they mean something, we want to include those in our detail pictures! The extra jewelry can make the pictures pop! We’ve had several brides in the past with earings from a mother, aunt, friend, or grandmother. Those types of details you want to always remember.

We didn’t forget about the groom. When it comes to the man, we always get the wedding ring, but we love to include cuff links and watches. Maybe it’s a special set of cufflinks or the watch was a wedding day gift. Regardless, those small things look amazing in pictures and will be sweet to look back on.


We don’t care if you’re wearing the fanciest shoes, flip flops, or a pair of Rothy’s. Whatever they are, we want to get some shots of them with the rest of your details.

bridal shoes with ring on heel

A lot of times, brides are going to choose shoes they love and that reflect their personality. We’ve seen everything from high heels to Chacos and everything in between. We love having the shoes to showcase the unique style of the bride and to help you remember how comfortable (or uncomfortable you were walking down the aisle).


I spent a lot of time deciding which flowers to have in my bouquet, what flowers I wanted for my bridesmaids and the extra flowers at the reception. Not only were they one of my favorite aspects of my wedding decor, but I also love taking pictures of the flowers. Each bouquet is so unique and has its own special look and feel.

When we are taking detail pictures before the ceremony, we will track down some flowers to include in those shots. But don’t worry, we take great care of the flowers and we always bring them right back!

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