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January 23, 2022

Tips for Getting the Best Possible Wedding Pictures

Wanting to have the best possible wedding pictures is completely normal. In fact, when we start talking to couples in the very beginning it’s something we hear from both brides and grooms. These will be the pictures that live on your walls, on your phone, and on your Instagram.

When you’re choosing a wedding photographer and you’re looking on Pinterest, Instagram, or at friends’ pictures, you probably imagine what you’ll look like on your wedding day. You have these ideas of exactly how you want it to look.

As we get closer to the wedding day, so many couples tell us their fears of not liking their wedding pictures and how much they want their photos to be perfect. We are never offended by any of those concerns, we understand. Couples tell us all the exact poses they want, the locations they want their portraits at, and all the different pairings, and so much more.

newlyweds in back of retro light blue car

Research and Plan Your Wedding Pictures

Getting the best possible wedding pictures starts at the very beginning. Well before the wedding day.

If you don’t KNOW what your perfect wedding portraits look like, it’s going to be very hard for us to accomplish that with you and your spouse. So to get started, look at Pinterest and start creating a board (or however you want to organize your pictures). This is the building block of how we photograph you and your spouse.

If there are specific photos you’d like to recreate, whether it be from your parents, your friends, or even random strangers on the internet, let us know and share that with us. We will have it handy and ready on the wedding day to ensure we capture it exactly as you imagined.

Without knowing what you want, you may find yourself after your wedding looking back and regretting not getting a specific pose or picture. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

Communicate Your Wedding Photography Ideas

While we’ve photographed a lot of weddings, each wedding is different. We try our very best to find poses that will flatter all of our couples, but we also are not mind readers.

Just like in marriage or in any relationship, communication is KEY! One of the best steps to take before the wedding is to communicate with your photographer about your wants. As photographers, the more we know about what the bride and groom want, the easiest it is to deliver exactly that.

What should you communicate with your photographer? First, make sure they know what you’re wanting. Do you really like posed pictures or do you prefer candid shots? Are you looking for a traditional vibe or more modern?

Not only should you share what you LIKE, but also inform them of what to avoid. This should include anything you’re uncomfortable with, anything you’re self-conscious about, any poses to avoid, or anything else you simply just don’t want.

Knowing what you don’t like helps us just as much as what you love!

Leave Plenty of Time for Wedding Portraits

This is one of the biggest hurdles to having the best possible wedding pictures. We try to make the portraits sessions and family pictures as quick as possible. We know every couple wants to get back to their friends and hit the dance floor. We don’t want to keep you away any longer than we have to.

Before the wedding, we will work with you and your future spouse to create your wedding day timeline. This is when we will talk about how long each portrait session will take and ensure we have enough time set aside to capture the pictures you want and make sure you get EVERYTHING you want.

Be Flexible on Pictures and Poses

While you probably have a few specific shots you want to recreate, and we will do everything we can to capture those, make sure both you and your spouse are flexible on your wedding day. The wedding day has so many moving pieces, and you never know what’s going to come next.

While we are doing portraits, we are often inspired by a pose or a location and want to run with it. While we never want to push couples into doing something they don’t want to, we like having fun and trying new things!

Have Fun With Your Wedding Photographer

Speaking of trying new things and having fun. Our last and most important tip to getting the best possible wedding pictures is to HAVE FUN with your photographer.

It sounds cheesy, but if you have fun it’s going to show. Not only that, but weddings are AMAZING and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible, and that includes the portraits!

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