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December 17, 2021

Windy Hill Barn Christmas Wedding | Mr. and Mrs. Lusk

Simpsonville SC Barn Wedding

Mikayla and Matt were married at Windy Hill Barn in Simpsonville on December 11th. After having to postpone their original wedding day back in September of this year due to family members getting covid, this day was much anticipated! Mikayla and Matt have been together for years and even have a sweet little 5 year old baby girl. I think she may have been just as excited as Mikayla was for Mikayla and Matt to get married.

I loved hearing Mikayla tell me about Matt’s proposal to her. It was during a family photo session last year and her reaction is fabulous and I of course love that it was all captured on camera for them to look back on!

The Wedding Day

Their wedding day was a little gloomy and it decided to rain on and off most of the day. Mitchel and I were anxiously checking the radar to see when the rain was supposed to arrive, and of course it was right before Matt and Mikayla were supposed to share their first look. Luckily, we all know rain on the wedding day is rumored to bring good luck, but more than that, Windy Hill had plenty of spaces indoors for photos and we came prepared with extra off camera lighting to make sure they still got great portraits, indoors!

I was so impressed by Mikayla when we arrived at the bridal suite on the wedding day. She was calm and collected, and continued to be that way the entire day. 

Nothing seemed to phase her, she was calm and graceful no matter what was thrown her way. Not even rain/storms or her baby girl bursting into tears out of fear before walking down the aisle made Mikayla bat an eye. She held it together and I was so proud of her. She knew that being married was all that mattered to her and Matt! 🙂

She was the same way on the day that we took her bridal portraits this past Summer. It was rainy that day as well, but Mikayla still wanted to go ahead and take her portraits. I’m so glad we did, because those turned out so great! She had me print one of her and their daughter Addelyn to be framed. Her daughter was holding the train and Mikayla is looking back at her in the photo. I loved it!

Mikayla also had her hand in lots of the details of the wedding day. She made the vinyl for the koozies as favors for her guests, which was super impressive to me! And all of the centerpieces, too.

Mr. & Mrs. Lusk, I am so glad your day finally happened and that you’re finally married! We wish you guys all the happiness!! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day!

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