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December 30, 2017

Behind the Scenes 2017 | Katie Jaynes Photography

I just love looking back at all of the photos Mitchel and I take of each other either as test shots, each other doing something dumb, or just because we like to be silly. From engagement sessions, proposals, to weddings, this post features some of our favorite behind the scenes photos from 2017, with my narrative and Mitchel’s humor added in. So if you ever wonder what we actually do when we have cameras in our hands, this post will give you an accurate idea of what it typically entails. We have so much FUN!

Katie tends to talk with her hands quite a bit, but only because she loves directing our couples into the best poses for them. Don’t worry, she always asks before touching. 🙂

This is a rare look at a photographer in her natural habitat. Katie loves to be super sneaky and hide in bushes…

Mitchel hates to do the train (most annoying “dance” ever)…but because he loves our brides and groom so much, when great Aunt Susie pulls him in, he WILL participate. He’s still looking for a way to avoid it. 

But he loves a good group dance! He’s still working on the whole, rhythm thing. 

To get the perfect shot, Katie will pretend to be a dog whisperer… mostly because she loves dogs. 

She will literally squat or sit anywhere to get the task done well.

Mitchel said it was just allergies, but we all know he was crying behind the camera when this proud dad saw his daughter as a bride for the first time. 

Mitchel will back into the road to get a good behind the scenes photo. This was the face Katie made while Mitchel stood in the road (don’t worry, he looked both ways first).

He will also hold camera bags and equipment, which is why he refers to himself as a “pack mule.”

He is also a great test-subject no matter the location…

He’ll contort his body so that he is the right height for said test-shots….as long as he has his coffee… 

Mitchel regularly fixes anything Katie breaks or drops – i.e. the shattered flash that fell off the stand (we are still unsure who put the flash on the stand without fastening it *cough* Katie).  

Oh, and be forewarned, if there is cake (or really any dessert) at your reception, Katie WILL eat her (and Mitchel’s) portion. We will be adding a photographers “cake clause” to the contract in 2018. 

2017, thank you for being the very best one yet!

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