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April 17, 2018

Marriage Monday: Remembering to Appreciate

 Image by Lace & Lavender Photo

Image by Lace & Lavender Photo

We’ve been married for almost three years! It’s so crazy to think it’s been that long. We’ve had peaks and valleys, just like any marriage does. We have had a few hard times, but so many fun ones. Our marriage, faith, and our photography business has grown.  

We don’t claim to be perfect at this whole marriage thing (and photography thing too), but we’ve learned alot. Every day, we are finding out something new about each other. 

Gratitude is something we have been talking a lot about lately. Since we are both very busy people, our schedule isn’t always consistent each week. We spend a lot of time a our jobs, running errands around town, going to the gym, meeting clients, holding sessions, volunteering with the youth and AV/Worship at church, and trying to fit in family and friend time too. This means our house can get a little crazy and we have to really coordinate and  communicate with each other to make sure everything gets done. If it wasn’t for reminders on our phones and our Google calendar, our house would be up in flames on the regular. 

One thing we’ve gotten good at is picking up each others’ slack. There are a lot of weeks when Katie spends every free evening editing and processing photos, creating and sending client contracts and invoices, ordering client’s prints, and communicating with brides. When those weeks hit, I have to help out more around the house. Other weeks, Katie has more free time, and we can have more of a balance around the house and with chores. 

Regardless of who is doing what, we’ve learned the power of “thank you.” It’s surprising how much of an impact those tiny little words can do. We get so used to the other person doing the small things, like the dishes or folding laundry (just random examples, of course), we forget how helpful (and essential) those things are. The other person has taken the time to help out where needed and fill in the gaps. They could have been doing a million other things, but they made a conscious decision to do something for both of us.

In our photography business, when we are shooting weddings, gratefulness for each other can go right out the window. Both of us are running around the whole day, for 8-10 hours working really hard to provide excellent service, and it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks, like our attitudes and the way we treat each other. 

Keeping our attitude in check isn’t something we are always great at. In fact, it’s led to some hurt feelings in our home or between us while we are on the job. For the past several weeks, both of us have been trying to be intentional about expressing gratitude for the other person. We want to be thankful for the big things and the small ones! We hope this has inspired you to be intentional about being grateful for the people in your life, too!

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