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September 20, 2019

Anderson SC Proposal | Eric & Hannah

What a surprise! This proposal was in the works for quite a few months!

Eric is in our community group at church. We have loved getting to know him the past 2 and a half years. In the Winter of this past year, Eric mentioned to me and Mitchel that he would be proposing to Hannah within the year. We have enjoyed getting to hear more about her and their relationship as they dated. Eric is kind, talented, and full of fun!

He poured all of those things into this proposal! Eric BUILT this boat for Hannah! He said it took about 3 months to orchestrate the whole thing. From building the boat and constructing the plan of where to propose, how to get all of their favorite people there, and of course, how in the world was he going to get Hannah to the place where he’d propose?

Anderson, SC Engagement Proposal

Eric did a marvelous job and truly showed Hannah his love for her with his grand scheme! He had Hannah’s friends talk her into coming to hang their Eno hammocks up near the lake one Saturday. Little did she know that is was so much more than just an Eno session with friends!

Eric paddled up to where they were on the boat he made. Then he got out and came walking to shore to surprise Hannah! She was all smiles and was so surprised to see him. Eric asked if she wanted to go on a walk, and he led her to the boat on the shore. At that point, she knew something was up.

Eric gave her a book of their favorite memories he had put together and then he got down on one knee (in a very rocky boat), and pulled out an engagement ring! From across the water, I heard her shout “YES!” It was adorable! Thank you, Eric, for allowing us to capture this memory for you and Hannah! We are so excited for your engagement and future marriage!

Ingles Wedding Proposal – Anderson, SC

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