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January 4, 2021

Behind the Scenes 2020

Behind the Scenes of Katie Jaynes Photography 2020

It is no secret, we love working together. It is also no secret that wedding days can be crazy!

There are so many wonderful things we get to do as photographers on a wedding day, of course shooting great photos is the main thing. But we also basically spend more time with the bride and groom than their own family does, since we pretty much follow them around for 8+ hours. 😂

We get to be there for when the bride has just put her dress on, for the first look, the big kiss, all the family and wedding party portraits, the big moments and small at the reception, and everything in between.

In the midst of all there is to do, and sometimes doing things that just need to get done when a planner or maid of honor aren’t around, we sometimes snag some great and ridiculous shots of each other.

This job is so much more fun because Mitchel and I get to be there on wedding days together. We wanted to share some of the most fun and probably dumb moments that we captured behind the scenes this past year.

These photos are mostly taken on wedding days, of course, but we probably have so many others that we could share. We’ll spare you. 😉

Here are a few of our favorite behind the scenes shots from 2020. Every year we put this post together, it makes me laugh but also helps remind me of some of the sweetest days of our year!

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