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October 19, 2019

Fountain Inn SC Engagement Photos | Suzanne & Stony

Downtown Fountain Inn Farmer’s Market Engagement session

Suzanne and Stony are a sweet couple! We met them at Suzanne’s family’s land out in the Gray Court area near Fountain Inn. It was so pretty out there and Suzanne showed us a really cool old barn right beside her aunt and uncles house.

Our wonderful couple were such troopers! They brought a pumpkin along with them and hand painted their wedding date on it. Suzanne went with all of my crazy requests and even stood on it, balancing for several minutes at a time! I was so impressed!

We knew that it would be a bit cloudy for their engagement session that day, but there was not a drop of rain on the forecast on my iPhone weather app. So we went with it!

Just before we were ready to leave our first location at her family’s land, it decided to POUR rain. Of course, there was no shelter and it came out of nowhere! But Suzanne and Stony took it like champs! I will never understand how Suzanne’s hair still looked great after that downpour! I, on the other hand, looked like a wet dog. Ha!

We can’t wait for their wedding day next August! We know it will be beautiful at First Presbyterian Church in Fountain Inn and a reception at Windy Hill Farm! Thank you Suaznne and Stony for trusting us to capture this sweet season of engagement! We loved getting to know you guys and bonding over the mutual interests that Stony and Mitchel share! 🙂

Rustic South Carolina Engagement Session

  1. Nellie Hall says:

    I loved the pictures. You make a nice couple that is looking forward to being married next August.
    What a happy time for both of you. I’m wishing you the best that life has to offer you, and many happy years together. I am so proud of Stony and think of him as my adopted son. He has been so sweet and kind to me.
    Suzann you are blessed to be the bride of Stony.
    Much Love, Nellie

  2. […] knew they would likely be fun and easy going, because they were that same way at their engagement photo session, when it DOWNPOURED on us out of no where. Even that didn’t phase this […]

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