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July 4, 2019

Getting Married in Anderson, South Carolina: Complete Guide

Are you getting married in the Anderson, SC area? Yay!! Congrats!

If you’ve read our blog before, you know we LOVE Anderson, South Carolina so much. It’s where me and Mitchel met, it’s where we went to college, and it’s where we bought our first home. We love this community.

One of our goals at Katie Jaynes Photography is to be a full-service photography team, and part of that is helping our brides plan their wedding however we can. We want to be a resource to anyone who needs it, even if you don’t choose us as your photographer!

If you’re planning a wedding, you might be wondering where to start?  Well, that’s why we’ve created this guide!

Wedding Venues in Anderson, SC

First things first, you should probably decide WHEN and WHERE you’re going to get married.

There are TONS of wedding venues in Anderson and Greenville, but we wanted to show you some of our favorites! This doesn’t mean that the others on this list aren’t as amazing as well, we just chose our top favorites!

Evergreen Plantation

evergreen plantation wedding ceremony - katie jaynes wedding photography

We recently shot a gorgeous Summer wedding at Evergreen Plantation, and we are in love with this venue. What’s not to love about this place? First of all, you have TONS of choices on where to have the ceremony. You can have it down near the water, under a tree, out in a field, or even indoors if there is rain. The owner and staff are more than happy to work with you to find the perfect location.

Secondly, the bride and groom both have comfortable places to get ready for the wedding. There is nothing worse than having to be crammed and hot while you’re trying to get dressed for the ceremony and Evergreen has this taken care of!

The Oaks

Wedding second shot for Angel Ruff Photo

What can we say about The Oaks, except WOW! The lake, the building, the grove of trees.  All you have to do is check out their website and you’ll be blown away by the beauty of the venue.

Everything about the place is spectacular! So much variety and beauty! There is a reason it’s one of the most popular places to get married in Anderson.

Caterers in Anderson, SC

After you’ve decided the where and when of your wedding day, then you need to pick what you’re going to eat (because we know where your priorities are). This is going to be a huge decision because there are so many options.

When me and Mitchel got married, we decided to go with a low-key BBQ theme. We have a lot of finger foods and tail-gate kinds of food.

A lot of people base their meals off of the time of day they get married, which is a tradition. If you have it in the evening, then tradition says you should have a sit-down meal with entrees. Sure, it’s a good idea, but remember IT’S YOUR WEDDING! You have whatever you want.

If you want to have waffles and bacon at 7 pm, then you go for it!

While we don’t know what you want to eat, we can recommend a couple of the caterers we’ve worked with before!

Boulevard Catering

boulevard catering - katie jaynes photography. mac and cheese being dipped out next to salad

For anyone who’s been to a wedding in the Anderson or Greenville SC area, you’ve probably enjoyed Boulevard Catering. They’re a big deal in the catering business, especially weddings.

Although they’re technically in Clemson, they are still one of the best catering options around. They have plenty to choose from when you’re crafting your wedding day menu, and you can’t beat the taste of the food! From hors d’oeuvres of every kind, to shrimp and grits, to a carving station, they can do it all!

Tucker’s Resturant 

Tucker’s is a staple in the Anderson community. Most everyone from the area knows where it is and just about everyone has been there. They are the best steakhouse in Anderson, plus they offer wonderful catering!

Their catering services are available all the way up to 250 people! So, even if you’re having a bigger wedding, Tucker’s has you covered.

They let you pick and choose based on what you want. You’re not restricted by just a few options!

Wedding Dress Shops in Anderson, South Carolina

Now, let’s talk about that dress! The wedding dress is something every woman dreams about for YEARS. You probably already have a Pinterest board of a thousand different ideas on what you’d like to wear. Where do you start when looking for a dress?

Well, if you’re in the Anderson area, we have an AMAZING place you can look!!

Picking a wedding dress is a special moment. It’s more than just buying your gown for the evening. It’s a touching milestone in your life and in the wedding planning process. You want it to be perfect!

Katharine Marie Weddings

Photo by Ken Ruinard – Anderson Independent

Katharine Marie Weddings is owned by the sweetest southern belle and Anderson native, Allie Walker.  Why do we recommend her? Well, it has nothing to do with being friends, although we do think she is fabulous!

Her selection of gowns is gorgeous and she’s one of the sweetest and most helpful dress shop owners around. From Blue Willow Bride by Anne Barge to Desiree Hartsock Bridal, and their private collection DANAE, you’re sure to find the perfect gown!

Katharine Marie Weddings also offers wedding planning! We told you, Allie knows all things weddings! From full-service wedding planning to day-of coordination, Katharine Marie Weddings also has you covered in that area!

Videographers in Anderson, SC

But what about photography and videography? Well, we obviously don’t have to tell you which photography couple we would recommend, but you can probably guess. . . . it’s us! 🙂

We’ve had a lot of couples ask us about videography for weddings – and we always tell them it’s a good investment to have both!

You should know, we are VERY picky about who we recommend as videographers. We want companies who match our style of shooting, with a similar look and feel.

But even more than style, we can about people who are kind and are willing to serve the bride and groom to the best of their ability. We don’t make these recommendations lightly.

Palmetto Aerial Productions

You want an amazing video to watch for years to come, right?

Palmetto Aerial Productions is willing to go above and beyond to get the best footage possible. They have some of the best drone shots around. We promise you’ll cherish the video for years to come and they are some of the nicest guys around!

Not only do they do great work, but they are also SO MUCH FUN!

Jason Drake Media

We’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Jason several times now, and we’re amazed every time. Aside from his great footage, he always will make you smile.

He has a special way of capturing the genuine special moments of a wedding, just as they are.

Jason is excellent at directing the bride and groom while knowing how to stay behind the scenes. He also makes couples feel very comfortable. For most couples, you won’t even know he’s there (which is exactly what you want in a videographer).

Wedding Cakes in Anderson, South Carolina

This is the point where most groom’s want to voice their opinion. The cake it one of the most fun choices you get to make.

One of the best parts of considering your wedding cake is that you can sample all the different kinds…. who doesn’t love cake!

Holly’s Cakes

a white wedding cake with pink flowers on it with a wedding topper - katie jaynes wedding photography

Holly’s Cakes is EVERYWHERE in the Upstate wedding industry – and we aren’t mad about that one bit! Holly’s Cakes is actually located in Belton.

We haven’t been disappointed yet by any of the cakes we have tried at the several weddings we have photographed that Holly Bowers has done! (Katie especially loves the cakes- hello sweet tooth!)

Holly’s Cakes can make your cake dreams come to life! Do you want cupcakes instead, or in addition to your cake? No problem! Do you want some fun flavors instead of boring vanilla? They can do it all! Gorgeous and tasty, every.single.time.

The Sweetery

My FAVORITE cake that I request every year for my birthday is from The Sweetery (it’s a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing – to die for)!

Everything The Sweetery makes is so tasty! I haven’t had a single dessert that I haven’t loved (and I know a lot about desserts).

There is a reason that everyone recommends The Sweetery for birthdays, graduations, and weddings – it’s because their cakes are the best around town.

Florists in Anderson, SC

If you haven’t planned a wedding, you may not realize how important flowers are. Having the perfect florist is going to make a WORLD of difference in your wedding.

You need a florist with an eye for colors and ways of tying elements together. You also don’t want one who’s going to charge you a fortune for your flowers.

Electric City Blooms 

We just loved working with Electric City Blooms at one of our 2019 Summer weddings, and WOW! The details were stunning! The ladies of E City Blooms came and delivered the florals and made sure everything was just right before leaving. From decorating the cross at the front of the ceremony to making the perfect bouquets, boutineers, and reception decor, they do it all so well!

If you go to their website, you’ll see they do just about everything and it’s all incredible! Our brides have loved working with the staff at Electric City Blooms.

Renee Burroughs Design

We have seen Renee’s work at several weddings so far! It’s always so elegant and classy! She and her team do beautiful displays for arches, pergolas, crosses, etc for your ceremony backdrop!

From all the work we’ve seen of hers, everything comes out just beautifully and even more than the bride has envisioned (which is all that really matters, right?)

(All Photos are from real Katie Jaynes Photography Weddings unless otherwise listed.)

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