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July 1, 2019

Anderson University Anniversary Session | Alexandra & Chase

Anderson Sc anniversary shoot

Anderson, SC Family Photographer

This job is just the best. Sometimes it leads me back to childhood friends I haven’t seen in years! Alexandra contacted me about doing her two year anniversary photos!

I was so excited because Alexandra and I were really good friends in elementary school, but I probably haven’t seen her since we were middle-school-aged.

Alexandra and Chase are no strangers to having their photos taken. Their wedding photographer Christi did their 1 year anniversary photos last year for them, but she moved to California and is actually a private photo editor now.

I was lucky enough to meet her last Fall at one of our Tuesday’s Together meetings when she spoke at our Anderson group. She is so kind and does great work, so I knew I had a lot to live up to. 😉

I had a sweet time with Alexandra and Chase for their early morning session taking their 2 year anniversary photos!

They were kind enough not only to drive to Anderson from Greenwood where they were staying the night before for a friends wedding but to arrive early in the morning for their session!

I enjoyed getting to meet Chase for the first time and catching up with Alexandra!

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