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Personal Branding

March 13, 2020

Personal Branding Photography Mini Sessions

Personal Branding Photography

What is personal branding photography? In short, it’s a time to showcase you and your brand! As a business owner, you have to present yourself to your potential client online! If you don’t have great photos of you and your products/services, no one is going to care what you have to say!

With personal branding photography, we capture high quality photos that tell the story of your company! We are good at showcasing YOU!


What Will I Receive?

Our normal full-sessions for personal branding photography are around 2 hours and begin at $500. These mini sessions last 25 minutes!

These sessions are $175 and will take place on Friday, May 1st in downtown Anderson at LaBella Company!

A personal branding mini session includes the following:

• A time to showcase you and your fabulous brand!
• 25 minutes of shooting time
• You’ll receive 20 high-res images (and 20 color and those same ones in black and white, for 40 total images!)

You’ll receive headshots, details of products, lifestyle action shots, and more to share on social media and your website to uplevel your brand! You will be ready to kill the social media game after your session!


Personal Branding Mini Sessions

If you’re interested in Personal Brand Photography for your business, but want to get a feel for it before jumping in for a full 2 hour session, a personal branding mini session might be just right for you!


Fill out this interest form and I’ll contact you with more info!

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