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March 11, 2020

An Intro to Wedding Albums and Why They’re Important

I remember looking through my parent’s wedding album all throughout my childhood. I loved looking at it and I’m so glad that they had it. It was a scrapbook-like book that had a cover with hand stitching with their names on it. It had printed out photos of their wedding day stuck inside with a sticky film to protect the photos.

When you think of wedding albums, you may think of a book where you place 4×6 prints inside. If so, here is an intro to modern-day wedding albums!

Leather or fine linen cover in a variety of colors, embossing in your color choice, thick pages with beautifully designed spreads, crafted to last a lifetime.

Printed Wedding Photos

Having your digital images in an online gallery is wonderful. And necessary. We definitely provide our clients with their images in that way so that they have every moment of their wedding day accessible to them.

But if you only ever share your images on your screen, you’re missing out. There is something so special about having your images printed.

A Family Heirloom

A wedding album is your very first FAMILY HEIRLOOM! Just thinking about getting to create that for our couples makes me teary-eyed.

There is something special about feeling and touching the pages with your images from your big day. Keeping it in a place where family members and friends can look back on your day with fond memories is important too.

If my parents had not had their wedding album out and available for us to look through as kids, I would have missed out on seeing those memories.

Over the years, when they would talk about memories from their wedding day I had a visual because I’ve seen those pictures. Like their reception exit where mom says “your uncle dumped about a gallon of rice down my dress”.

I think about my own children one day looking at my parents’ wedding photos, too, and of course our own. And probably making fun of the things we wore when they’re no longer in style.

What better way to display your photos than with a legacy album? It could be your very first family heirloom that you create together!

Order an Album anytime after your wedding day

While the price of an album is HEAVILY discounted if you order it with your initial wedding photography collection, you can definitely order one later. Or even one for your parents!

I have good news for you! If I have already shot your wedding and you chose not to order an album, or got married before I offered them, you can still order one! Anytime during the year, you can order an album or parent album (by Oct 30) in time for Christmas for your parents or grandparents!

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